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Welcome to Rachel Skarsten UK: A fan website for the actress Rachel Skarsten. Rising to fame on Birds of Prey and then the breakout role of Tamsin on hit show Lost Girl - Now starring on the TV show ReignRachel has a long list of credits and achievements. Rachel Skarsten UK is the first fansite for Rachel that is not only social media based. I hope to bring you the latest news and gossip !
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Growing up in Toronto, Rachel Skarsten didn’t have huge dreams of becoming an actress. However, being in a city surrounded by friends who enjoyed it, she gave it a try, leading to roles she has excelled in. Rachel’s success is only just beginning and I think it is safe to say we can expect fantastic things from her.

FACES had the opportunity to chat with Rachel and discuss her career as an actress and how she has enjoyed working on hits such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the CW’s “Reign”. We can’t wait to see what is next for this beautiful, talented woman.

Did growing up in Toronto influence your dream of becoming an actress?

Uh, skip. Only kidding (laughs). Truthfully, I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be an actress. However, growing up in Toronto influenced me in ways that helped lead me to becoming an actress. I went to high school here and although I never took drama, I knew actors/actresses and had friends who went to school for acting and they loved it. This influenced me and I thought I’d give acting a try.

Canada is such a great place to begin and grow a career because there’s such a great market for Canadian and American productions. Canada is also a smaller country where most people acting know each other, especially Toronto. It’s lovely to go into a room and see a director you’ve known for 10 years. When I was in Canada, I booked a lot of things in the U.S., so I decided to move to Los Angeles. But the last two things I’ve been in have been in Toronto, so Toronto and I are tied.

Describe the transition from acting as an interest to acting becoming a career.

I had an entire career before I decided I want to act. Acting was something I practiced in the summer. Eventually, I booked a part on “Birds of Prey” on the old “CW” and now I’m on the new “CW”. I worked on that show in Los Angeles and lived there for a bit, but I missed my family and got homesick. When the show was canceled, I came back to Kingston and went to Queen’s University. After that, I travelled for a bit and didn’t know what I wanted to do. My mom told me to go back to Los Angeles for a bit so I did.

Because I got a part easily the first time, I thought it would be just as easy the second time, but that definitely wasn’t the case. For two years I really struggled to get another job. But I realized that I really wanted to be an actress and I just kept working on it. I really learned a lot during that timeframe.

What is your all-time favourite show?

My favourite show is “The Walking Dead”. I love zombies and anyone who knows me knows how much I love that show!

You play Queen Elizabeth in CW’s hit show “Reign”, which airs October 2015. Tell us a little bit about this role and experience.

Truthfully, it has been another beautiful surprise that my second career has had for me. After I finished “Lost Girl”, I didn’t think that I would have another show like that because this is a tough business that sort of lends itself to you having to be a sort of narcissist to survive. Many people can be difficult to work with and even mean, but you have to lie and say they’re nice (laughs). What’s great about “Reign” is that the people are very warm and welcoming. Not even 5 minutes after I found out I was playing Queen Elizabeth, I got a call from the network congratulating and welcoming me. The team is just like a family. We have movie nights and we hang out a lot. There is a blue line on the page under the last sentence.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a professional actress?

I faced the challenges that most actors face – not being tall enough, or the right size, etc. – I think it’s the same for pretty much any actor. It really comes down to having perseverance. But even when you do achieve a certain degree of success you have to follow it up with another success. Ultimately, you have to learn to be content with where you are and enjoy the moments and success you have.


What was your initial reaction when you landed your very first role on a cereal commercial?

I don’t think I really knew what I was getting myself into. I thought it was cool that I would make $1,000, which was a ton of money at the time. I kind of thought I’d be making it rain all over Toronto (laughs). I thought I’d go in for an audition and then they’d offer me a part. I didn’t realize how difficult it was until I went in for my second auction for a different part and didn’t get it.

You are a talented actress, ballet dancer, piano player and cello player. How do you find the time to continue practicing each talent?

I’m not the best piano player (laughs). The piano was a requirement in my household, and you had to do all your levels of swimming until you were a lifeguard. Luckily for me, I went to an art school and they paired me with a cello. I still have it and I love to play it. I tried transporting it but the lovely folks at Air Canada broke it.

Acting is hard because it requires long days and you are always on call, even when you aren’t working. I can get called in at any time on any day to come and work, so I can’t make plans or go out on random nights. So it can be hard to fit in other things because acting sort of consumes your entire life. Some people are better at it than others. I think at the end of the day, you make time for what’s important. For me, it’s my family and my job and I try to balance the two of those, as well as personal health.

What was it like being a part of the  movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”?

That was a crazy experience. I was in Vancouver filming something else and I got a  call from the director. I was ready to read for the director, but she saw a tape of me and wanted to offer me the part. It was the biggest production I’ve ever been a part of and then, when we finished, it was like a year and a bit until the movie came out. I started working and doing other things and when I was in the car, I heard the commercial come out for it on the radio and  I realized “oh my God, this is me!” It was quite a humbling moment when the trailer was seen by so many millions of people after the first day. I just felt so grateful to be a part of something so big, and then that led to “Reign” and other opportunities.

What has been your favourite experience so far within the film/entertainment industry?

I have to say, although it’s corny, meeting Adam West who played the original Batman. I was obsessed with that show when I was little. I completely blacked out when I met him, I don’t remember anything I said. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and winked when he left so I know I didn’t do anything too embarrassing. I’m a regular Joe and I love getting to meet other actors, I think I get just as excited as anyone!


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