Rachel Skarsten Hangout Transcript Pt 1/3

On Thursday 19th April 2018 I held a Tea & Biscuits Hangout online where fans could ask Rachel Skarsten questions.

I have permission to write a transcript for the event. I have just included the main questions. There are parts missed out for various reasons but here is the bulk of what we talk about:


Rachel Skarsten Tea & Biscuits Hangout 19.4.18


R:It’s so nice to see you!

H:It’s good to see you, it’s been such a long time!

R:I KNOW! It’s been like…a minute! I brought my coffee.

H:I have a drink too

R:I had a croissant, but I stress ate it while I was trying to figure out how to get on!

You ,Anna, Zoie, Emmaunelle and Erica went to ClexaCon, what was your favourite moment or highlight of the event?

R:Honestly, I think my favourite moment of the event was just getting to see all those ladies again and be in the same space as them because I’ll see them individually, they’re at Comic Cons or Emmanuelle and Anna both live in Los Angeles so I get to see them but to have the dynamic of us all together and to be on panels together… Even just backstage when I showed up in my really weird outfit for Comic Con just cos I felt like dressing like that and Zoie and Anna were making fun of me and just the memories of that whole dynamic and to all be together was probably my favourite moment or my highlight. I think also just getting to see and hear people’s stories, whether it’s from last years ClexaCon or this year saying ‘This is where I come and completely be myself’ or ‘I came last year and now I feel I have a place I belong’ That I think was the highlight.

A really great group of friends amongst the cast

R:Yeah it really was. We used to call it summer camp, we wouldn’t say we were going to work, we would say ‘we’re going to camp’

Out of all the characters you’ve played which do you identify the most with?

R: (ponders for a while) Probably Tamsin. There are elements of Elizabeth that I identified with in the sense of having a duty to something that sometimes crashes into more heart priorities. Often times with acting it really takes over your life and you have to be in another city and you miss out a lot, I could have understood that dilemma of Elizabeth, and of course the heartbreak, but definitely Tamsin I think, just because she was the cooler, more badass version of myself. The writers were so good at incorporating parts of our personality- so we had this scene in the cop shop with Dyson and I was stuffing doughnuts in my face and they loved that. I remember at the time thinking it was so great because they were like ‘What’s your favourite doughnut?’ And there’s this place called Tim Hortons in Canada and they have sprinkled doughnuts, so I was like ‘the Sprinkled doughnuts’ and I thought JACKPOT and I’m just going to sit here for a couple of hours and eat doughnuts, this is the best! So on the 1st doughnut I thought it would be really funny if I stuffed the entire doughnut into my face and they were like ‘yeah that’s great’ and I was like ‘this is awesome!’ So the 1st doughnuts great, up until the 4th doughnut, then come the 6th/7th doughnut I started to not feel really great, because you have to do it so many times, from all different angles. By the 10th doughnut I think I gave myself diabetes! (laughs) By the 12th doughnut I had to spit it out. But they would incorporate this stuff so it would become a joke that Tamsin would just stuff food in her face all the time, or tripping on things, and getting food on herself

H:I feel like she’s your alter ego

R:She’s my later ego, yes, but she kicks ass better than I do. I like to think I’m a Ti-Quando Master, but I’m not!

Not really a question, but everyone I talk to on Instagram really misses ‘Radelaide’

R:(laughs) So for those of you who don’t know, Radelaide is Adelaide (Kane) and I’s ship name. I am actually so excited because we’re going to the Calgary Comic Con together next weekend and we’re in the parade for the city and we have a surprise planned for the parade so I think it should be really, really fun. I actually see Adelaide a lot but we never think to take a picture, it’s just us hanging out in our rooms, in our sweatpants looking like s**t,(laughing) so we’re probably not going to take pictures!!

What has my favourite TV role been?

R:It’s a hard one but probably Elizabeth just because I got to wear the wig and the dresses and it was really challenging in the beginning to do your accent (English) It was nerve-wracking because you don’t want to look like a fool on national television. It was really hard at the beginning but now I can fluidly go in and out of it to the point where, sometimes I’m out at a bar or if I’m making a reservation I’ll make it in a English accent because Americans just love it! I’ll call and be like (American accent) ‘Hey can I get a reservation for 7?’ and they’ll be like ‘NO!’ and I call back in an English accent and they’ll be like ‘absolutely!’

Will there be a video with you and Adelaide?

R: Oh yeah! (Exclaims loudly) Addy and I are doing a YouTube video by the way. We’re going to do a 20 questions fast fire where I’m going to be asking her 20 questions rapid fire, so that should be really fun.

You’ve been in a lot of TV Shows, what made you choose Wynonna Earp?

R:Emily! For sure! When I did Wynonna, the first season had come out and it had gotten a lot of positive buzz so just from a career stand point it was awesome to be in that show but it was mainly because Em (Emily Andras) had talked a lot about it and she essentially wrote that part for me. It was a bit crazy because I had JUST wrapped Reign in it’s entirety. It was right before Christmas and I had to finished Reign, we finished at 2am, then I flew out the next day, I didn’t get in until 10 and I had a wardrobe fitting and then I worked the next day on Wynonna so it was kind of wild. She says she told me about the underwear thing but she absolutely didn’t! It was in the script but I was so crazy that I was reading it on the plane and I was just like ‘ahhhh!!’ (laughs)

H:Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t know?

R:Yeah probably… I think it’s wonderful to just embrace your body(…) When I was growing up my Mum was a hippie so she used to joke that she’d always clean the house naked. She’d say ‘it was the best way to get rid of you and your brother!’ (…) So I’m pretty comfortable in my underwear but still it’s weird to be in your underwear fighting. Although the stunt double had the NICEST ASS of all time so I was really happy about that. Zoom in on that chicks ass, let’s pretend that’s my ass!

What did you love most about Queen Elizabeth and what do you think she’d love most about you?

R:I think she’d probably love my bluntness. I’m quite blunt my friends always say if they want an honest opinion on how they look before they go out, they ask me. (laughs)

H:That can be a good thing

R:Yeah. Although sometimes it’s not good. One time I said something that hurt my friends feelings but then when I say ‘you look beautiful’ that’s the truth. And what do I love the most about Elizabeth? I loved how strong headed and strong willed she was. How she believed in herself even in the face of tremendous adversity and doubt of the people and her advisors and everyone around her. She had this feeling and direction and I really admire that about her.

Favourite season of Lost Girl?

R:My favourite season to shoot was season 3 also my favourite finished product. I really loved season 3. Season 5 was my favourite to do because by then they were all just my siblings. We knew it was the last one so you cherish every moment.

H:I have a random question. Do you have any funny moments from filming Wynonna?

R:Yes. Tim was on Lost Girl with me and everything he does is funny. He’s really into cats and I’m into cats too but he’s REALLY into cats. It’s weird because growing up he was on this show in Canada ‘Instant Star’ and a bunch of other shows. He was a teenage heartthrob in Canada, (still is a babe) but then he was a babe and he had a reputation and the ladies loved him and he was so cool. I remember on Lost Girl when I met him he just launches into talking about his cats, and his cats feeding schedule and I was like ‘what!?’ (looks confused) ‘Are you a cat lady?!’ (laughing) it’s so weird. But when he was in that suit (in Wynonna) they have the nuclear/lab suits and they tied it up really tight. I think I have a whole bunch of photos! (…goes searching for photos of BTS Wynonna Earp) (shows photo of Tim in body suit S2 ep 1, zooms in on Moustache) It’s so funny! I just couldn’t get enough of him in that. (…more BTS Photos) Aww and it was Mel’s (Melanie Scrofano) birthday when we filmed (shows photo of Mel BTS) look how cute she is! Tim and I got her all these cake pops because it was the only thing we could find! (laughs) (shows BTS photo of her, Mel and Tim)

H:Did you have to be really careful filming stuff because she was pregnant?

R:Yeah, I just always seem to film with the pregnant ladies. Anna was of course pregnant on Lost Girl (…) But yes, she (Melanie) had to be careful and Anna as well but more just with the stunts. Most of the time we don’t get to do the stunts for liability reasons but everyone’s (shows being gentle) making sure they’re looked after with care. Which is probably how it should be all the time because the leads works so much. Especially Mel and Anna worked their BUTTS OFF!




Part two will have -who her favourite kisser is, her favourite memory from Wynonna Earp and fangirling over Dominique P-C, Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon amongst other things!


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