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Welcome to Rachel Skarsten UK: A fan website for the actress Rachel Skarsten. Rising to fame on Birds of Prey and then the breakout role of Tamsin on hit show Lost Girl - Now starring on the TV show ReignRachel has a long list of credits and achievements. Rachel Skarsten UK is the first fansite for Rachel that is not only social media based. I hope to bring you the latest news and gossip !
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Part 2/3 of the Rachel Skarsten hangout transcript – PART 1


Any new projects coming up?

R:Yes! I just filmed a pilot for ABC so now I’m just waiting to hear whether that gets picked up. I’ll find out in the beginning of May. If it does I’ll be shipping off to New Orleans. It’s really cool actually, it’s got a supernatural element. Voodoo and witches. They cancelled Once Upon a Time so the intention is to do something like that.

You’ve played many inspirational women, which was your favourite?

R:Probably Tamsin because of what she represented for a lot of people. It’s been really cool to have people say that when they felt alone Tamsin or Lost Girl was there for them. Or that they came out to their families because of Tamsin and how brave she was.

(…we randomly discuss where you can get S2 of Wynonna Earp and that’s they’re filming season 3 right now)

What famous woman in the past or present would you like to play?

R:Grace Kelly. I love Grace Kelly.

What was your favourite Lost Girl moment with the lovely cast?

R:Probably putting peppers on Luke Bilik’s drink and having his face explode from an allergic reaction. (laughs evilly) It still gets me every time!

Which kind of role would you love to play but never had the opportunity?

R:I was just talking to my boyfriend about this last night. I really love comedy. I really love Will Ferrall’s really awkward comedy. Lost Girl has been my only opportunity to play any sort of comedic role. She (Tamsin) wasn’t really funny in the beginning but then it just evolved. Michael Grassi who wrote the last season was very funny so he gave me a lot of opportunities like with the football episode where we were walking across the field and then I trip. Just that physical comedy because my favourite actress is Lucille Ball. So much of the inspiration for Tamsin actually came from her because she has this wonderful quality of not only controlling her facial expressions but also to do physical comedy which was crazy for women at the time. I think she was the absolute master of it.

Advance Happy Birthday! Are you hosting another party and will Addy be there?

R:No, I’m not. Last year I had a big birthday party and Addy was there. I love other people’s birthdays so much but my birthday gives me a deep anxiety. Also my best friend’s birthday is the weekend after so we usually celebrate together so she came to L.A last year and we had that big joint birthday. This year I’m just going away.

Who is the best kisser out of the folk you’ve had kisses with on screen?

R:Anna Silk (Lost Girl) and Ben Geurens (Reign), he’s a pretty good kisser but it’s weird because he’s my really good friend. (…)

H:Is it more awkward to kiss somebody you’re friends with or a stranger?

R:Oh!(exclaims) Someone you’re friends with 100%!! Because you know their wives or their families and you establish this platonic relationship and then all of a sudden you’re making out in front of 100 crew members and it’s so awkward. With Ben I would be like ‘I respect your wife!’ (imitates awkward kissing)

What is your favourite memory from shooting Wynonna Earp?

R:Mel’s birthday, that was really fun. I think also just getting to know Mel because I knew Tim…actually ALL of them. You never know what to expect when you go on a set. I knew Tim was great, I knew Emily was great. I was pretty sure she would hire great people. They’re like another Lost Girl. They’re just all so warm and they were so inviting. We’ve all had that same experience whether it be Zoie or Anna or Megan (Follows), everyone on it has come back (loving it). It was funny because they all came on after me, so I got messages from each lady being like ‘So what’s that like? Should I do it?’ I was like ‘Yes, Absolutely’

How did you prepare for the fight scene with Melanie (WE)?

R:I didn’t! I showed up on set and they were like ‘this is what you’re doing’ So we learnt it as we were doing it. I was super worried because she was preggo. I remember feeling that way with Anna a lot on Lost Girl. When I’d have fights with Kris (Holden-Ried) I just wouldn’t care (pretends to punch) I’d go for it. I’d punch him in the face, whatever. With Anna, we’d do the fight scene ‘I HATE YOU!’ and then afterwards I’d be ‘sorry!’ (cute face)

What’s your favourite character on Wynonna Earp?

R:Awww, the love story with Dom. That whole thing. Dom, I really love her. I think she plays that whole character so, so well. She actually has a real Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl) quality about her.

H: I thought that as well!

R:They’re both so enigmatic and you just want to watch what they’re doing. They’re both brilliant actresses.

Do you have any funny memories from Torrance (Coombs, Reign) to share?

R:(laughs) Yeah! All the time! He’s posting on Instagram at the moment screengrabs from his self tapes, most of which he’s done with me. When you scroll back, there’s some really great ones. (…) He also always rips his pants open, especially on Reign. I don’t know why that happens.

Do you have any funny Magnus(her cat) tales and what is the story behind adopting him?

R:I had a dog. I always adopted senior dogs from shelters. I felt very strongly about doing that because those are the dogs that people typically don’t want and in the States a lot of the shelters are kill shelters so I adopted my first dog Tucker at 11, then Max was also 11 and then Maddy was 12. You don’t get them for very long but I think that the experience, all be it short is so incredibly rewarding and they were all wonderful. Max was insane, but they’re all wonderful dogs. That wasn’t his fault, he was a Jack Russell! (laughs) he was born that way! I felt that after Maddy passed away and I didn’t know what my next project was going to be because she passed away right after I got home from filming Wynonna Earp. Having a dog is such a big responsibility because you have to walk them and you don’t just want to just leave a dog at home all day so I thought I can’t adopt another dog right now. After a few months I was so lonely without Maddy. I’d been used to having an animal around all the time. My best friend said ‘why don’t you adopt a cat?’ I was like ‘yeah ok, that’s a good idea. You don’t have to walk them and they’re more independent.’ I went to the shelter and Magnus was the first cat I saw. He was so fat and lying on his back like Garfield. I was like ‘who’s this weird cat? I must have him!’ Then it turned out he was actually 10, so he was a senior, I must just be attracted to senior animals which was great because I wanted to do the same thing with cats. He’s been the best. He’s so judgemental.

I’ve adopted a squirrel outside my house. I call him Jo and I feed him walnuts everyday. So now he’s learnt that he comes and sits on this chair and he waits for me and then I feed him.

H:Magnus doesn’t chase him does he?

R:No! So Magnus LOVES this! So when I go out and feed Jo he sits at the window and (makes funny hissing noises) But I feel it’s entertainment for Magnus.

(…Talks about me wanting to bring Rachel to the UK…)



Part 3 will have more Wynonna Earp chat, Lost Girl moments and some great words of wisdom!


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