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Welcome to Rachel Skarsten UK: A fan website for the actress Rachel Skarsten. Rising to fame on Birds of Prey and then the breakout role of Tamsin on hit show Lost Girl - Now starring on the TV show ReignRachel has a long list of credits and achievements. Rachel Skarsten UK is the first fansite for Rachel that is not only social media based. I hope to bring you the latest news and gossip !
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Here is the final part of the transcript. I hope you all enjoyed reading this random hangout/interview!

Was there any reason Tamsin had to actually die? It was emotional and so well acted but hurtful blow to Tamsin fans.

R:This is an unpopular opinion but I liked that Tamsin died. I feel in life that if you do it right, and I don’t mean doing everything ‘good’. If you really live life and take adventures and take chances, Love big and be true to who you are, I think at the end of your life you can be at peace with it being done. I’ve seen it. With my Grandfather for example. He said ‘I’ve done everything I came here to do’ and I hope that when I’m at the end that’s how I feel. I really did feel that for Tamsin, all she wanted was love. She wanted to experience that love. I feel she looked for it in Bo and she was so disappointed in all different times in her life and let down. I feel that out of something that was so painful which was so painful for her, which was obviously her rape, came this incredible perfect love for her. In last moment holding her daughter I felt that she’d come full circle. I think it was a beautiful thing that that’s how she ended her lives. She’d had many, many lives so I think she’d done it proper! Plus I go out with bang! It was cool to be like ‘and I’m out’!

What’s it like to work with Ksenia (Solo)?

R:Terrible, because she’s so great that you feel awful the whole time. You’re like ‘Damn it! That was so good, now I have to one up you!’

H:I love the dancing scene with you and Ksenia. That was hilarious! (…)

R:They (the director etc) were like ‘so I’m going to need you to dance BADLY’ And I was like ‘Oh, so just how I dance normally?’ Because I am a terrible dancer. Jazz hands (demonstrates dance style!) (…)

If Eliza’s storyline hadn’t ended in Wynonna Earp, what would you want her to do be doing now?

R:Probably hanging out with Tim. Kicking ass.

(… lots of random rambling)

What was your fav scene as Tamsin with Anna and Zoie?

R:Zoie’s was when we were sitting with Dyson and Bo having sex and we were sitting outside being super awkward. We did it for so long we were just killing ourselves laughing.

H:Did you have the sound effects, or were they added in afterwards?

R:No, that was added in. That would have been awkward (laughing) That would just make us laugh. Anna- my favourite episode to do with her was Brazenwood. We had so much fun filming Brazenwood because there were animals everywhere!

What con are you going to next?

R:I’m going to Calgary Fan Expo and then Dragon Con and then that’s it for now. If my show gets picked up, I probably won’t be able to do cons for a little bit.

Do you wish you’d had a bigger part in Wynonna Earp and why do you want to pick on poor Addy?

R:I mean is that even a question?! (laughs) Duh! It’s me! She actually picks on me more than I pick on her, I’m just more public about it. Everytime I go ‘What time is it?’ she goes ‘it’s time to get a watch!’ (rolls eyes) Do I wish I had a bigger part in Wynonna Earp? Yes, because of the show and the characters. No because it’s so cold in Calgary! My brother loves the cold and I love the heat.

Other than the Wynonna Earp cast, did you meet any other actresses at ClexaCon?

R:I know Tamara (Duarte) so I saw her. Other than that no. ClexaCon was such a blur. We were doing stuff all the time and I really wanted to meet you guys.

H: Yeah the queues were insane!

R:Yeah! It was NUTS!

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?

R:Two things. After my father died, actually, the night he died I got to be there and I got to tell him how much I loved him and then he passed away. I think that taught me that you should never wait to tell someone that you love them or how you feel about them because you do not know if you’ll get another chance to do that. I think it’s so so important to be intentional in loving the people that you care about and telling people how you feel. So that’s probably my earliest over arching life lesson that I take with me all the time.

Number2..I remember when I was coming back to Los Angeles and I couldn’t get a job to save my life. I was super poor, I was living in my car and things were not going well for me! (laughing) and my Mum wouldn’t help me. She wouldn’t give me money and I couldn’t understand why! I was like (shouting)’ You are a deadbeat mum!’ and my Mum said to me ‘You are fine. You’re making it work. You’re not in debt’ I had a whole scam at Starbucks, where I’d say the drink was bad and they’d give me a free drink and then I’d go to another Starbucks. Sorry Starbucks! She said (her Mum) ‘I don’t want to rob from you the joy when you achieve something or when you are able to buy your first car or things like that that dismiss the sense of accomplishment or pride you’ll have because you earned it and you worked hard for it.’ In retrospect that is something I really admire about my Mother and how she raised us. She was always there for us emotionally but she definitely instilled an incredible work ethic and the pay off of that for anything you’ve accomplished which I think is very true. I’m very grateful because it’s a very special feeling to work hard for something and to get it.

If you had one phrase, words of wisdom or mantra, what would it be?

R:(has to have a think) Love Big, Live Large. My favourite word is Grace. Grace is something the world could use a lot more of. It’s something I remind myself of all the time because its good to not only have grace with other people but with yourself.

If you could guest star in any TV show what would it be?

R:(Immediately) The Walking Dead! I’d be a zombie!

H:I think we petitioned for that on Twitter before?

R:(Rolls eyes) I know! Still WAITING Walking Dead!

Favourite Flower?

R:Pera Tulips (Authors note, not sure if this is how you spell it) 100% or any kind of tulips. I’ve loved them ever since I was a little girl.

If you could play another character on Reign, who would you want to play?

R:Megan’s (Follows) character. I couldn’t play it because she’s so good.

(…talks about boyfriend)

What do you think happened to the Morrigan (Lost Girl)? Lauren fixed her and she became fae again?

R:No I don’t think so. I think it’s probably better that she doesn’t have powers because she has a lot of natural power and she’s inclined to being evil. OMG if Emmanuelle had powers (rolls eyes) God save us all!

Advice for my first day at work tomorrow, I’m nervous

R:Don’t be. I remember my Father said to me, it sounds arrogant, ‘I go into every room with the assumption that all the people I’m going to meet are just waiting to meet me. They’re excited to get to know me and it’s going to be great!’ I think when you walk into any room under that assumption ‘I’m awesome’ in a humble way! ‘I’m awesome, I have a lot to give to whatever situation I am entering in to and I am going to contribute my gifts and my light’ I think people really respond to that, you’re going to be great.

(…Rachel spazzes out because she has to go to a French class, like NOW!)

R:Thank you so much

H:Thank you for coming on Rachel

R:Thank you so much for organising this. You are such a darling and we should definitely do this again.

(…more rambling and exits)

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