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Reign Recapped: 4.11 Dead of Night

Written by: Wendy Riss Gatsiousnis and Drew Lindo

Directed by: Deborah Chow



Being a King or Queen brings immense power but with that power also comes immense danger. Those closest to you may not be the most loyal and where is there power there will always be those seeking it.

Mary and Elizabeth find themselves in similar situations. May because she had a husband and Elizabeth because she hasn’t.

In Scotland Mary is married to Darnley, a lying, cheating good for nothing who will go to any length to seek power.

Mary’s recent marriage pressurises Elizabeth to seek her own husband, a powerful ally to keep Catholic Europe and Rome off her back.

With a Catholic King on the English throne there would be no more need to help Mary secure the English throne. If Elizabeth marries, Mary will see her own position weaken.

To prevent her grip on the English throne skipping, Mary and Darnley plot an attack on England and Elizabeth herself.

Once again Reign gets itself confused between castles and palaces, if the plan is to take Elizabeth hostage in her own castle they may be waiting a long time. Whilst the Tower of London is both a castle and a royal residence, Elizabeth like most English monarchs spent very little time there.

Mary is unsettled by the situation, the question of what will happen to Elizabeth hangs in the air. Taking the life of a fellow Queen sets a dangerous president.

Darnley sends his men to England where they are due to meet up with allies but being Darnley it is never that simple. He has sent with them Mary’s seal, if they are discovered it will be Mary’s life on the line.

Being a true and loyal husband he uses this situation to blackmail Mary, if she does not agree to give him the crown matrimonial he will ensure that she is blamed solely for the plot.

Rightly not trusting Darnley, Mary is horrified that Darnley would take his dick moves so far. Desperate Mary seeks Bothwell to stop the plot and return her seal.

Tearing up that contract, Mary makes it clear to Darnley that he may be King but she is Queen and they are not and will never be equals.

Bothwell and Rizzio seek out Gideon Blackburn to gain information regarding Darnley’s ally. Gideon agrees to help to protect Mary on the understanding the plot was not meant to hurt Elizabeth.

Spying on the men Gideon learns the harsh truth, the coup could and would have seen harm to Elizabeth. Uncovered spying Bothwell takes Gideon back to Scotland where Mary and Gideon both make awkward promises.

Gideon promises to return to England without informing Elizabeth of the plot against her if Mary can promise she will never again threaten Elizabeth’s life. Both know that whilst they may not wish for the two Queens to be at war,it’s a promise neither can keep.

With her seal secure Mary appoints Bothwell her new bodyguard and sends Darnley out of her sight.


Things go from bad to worse when Darnley threatens to claims their unborn child is a bastard, he has sunk to yet another low.

In England, Elizabeth continues to court the Archduke Ferdinand whilst her feelings for Gideon grow. When she is invited on a four hour ride through the country Elizabeth begs Gideon to create a distraction.

When Gideon is captured and taken to Scotland he is unable to stop Elizabeth enduring a long carriage ride.

Fearing the worst, Elizabeth is upset believing Gideon has let as he can not bare to see her flirt with another.

Returning to court Gideon gives the excuse that he went drinking in Cornwall, which is as absurd as Gideon managing to get to Scotland and back overnight.

Dear writers I know the UK is smaller than the USA but it isn’t that small!

Elizabeth doesn’t want to marry but Gideon confesses about the coup against her, as painful as it may be she must marry, whilst Catholics seek power in England and will never be safe.

Over in France young Henri is not so secretly eyeing his brother’s throne. Whilst he continues to brag about his war tales he has brought to court a book of black magic, everyone seems shocked about this, it is heresy to have such books in a Catholic country and I’m sure Leesa would have a tantrum and a half if she heard of it.

Still most of last season’s b plot was about a literal witch so this shouldn’t come as such a shock.

Henri purposefully injures Charles and instead of apologizes ends up in a physical altercation with the King. Spain is backing Henri as the future King and has warships on the standby for him if needed.

Desperate to prevent civil war Catherine takes urgent measures to stem the situation. Clearly not keen in poisoning her son, she instead turns to the book of black magic and gathers some of Charles’ hair and other random magic ingredients before taking to her chamber to perform a spell, one designed to bolster and strengthen Charles.

Narcisse is impressed with the young Prince though and whilst he understands Catherine’s protectiveness of Charles he is behind Henri becoming King. Instead he suggests they work towards persuading Charles to abdicate.

This week’s episode is the latest now this season where the threat of Mary losing her head is thrown around, cruel, cruel forewarning.



Written by Lisa

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