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Reign Recapped: 3.18 Spiders in a Jar

Written by: Laurie McCarthy

Directed by: Deborah Chow


In the words of John Knox this week if two Spiders are in a jar, only one can survive. If one shakes the jar they he or she plays a part in the survival and demise of the spiders. There can only be one Queen of Scots, as there too can only be one Queen of England.

For Lola she is in the unenviable position of choosing between two queens. As close as she has become to Elizabeth her loyalty lies with Mary. Acting on the instruction of the letter she sets out with a heavy heart to assassinate the English queen.

After ensuring John’s safety, Lola meets with an assassin who she aids in his attempt on Elizabeth’s life. When Lola is unable to stall the English queen the assassin misses his mark and both are promptly arrested.


In the dungeon, Lola is aware of her fate. Her betrayal is written all over Elizabeth’s face. Narcisse wishes to plead for his wife’s life however the assassin had already confessed both their guilt in the plot, an attempt to kill the Queen of England sanctioned by Mary, Queen of Scots.

Whilst Elizabeth takes no mercy with Lola’s life she does allow Narcisse to attend her execution. Visibly upset Lola goes to the scaffold, loyal as ever to her queen.


Despite attempts to prevent the execution, Narcisse only ends up locked in a dungeon himself.


Elizabeth had come to trust Lola and the execution attempt has left the English queen is a blur. Things don’t get any better when taking Lola’s words about her forever being lonely to heart she embraces Dudley and makes it clear she wishes to marry him.

There’s one small problem though, Dudley had already remarried and to the queen’s own great niece. Elizabeth is clearly upset and dismisses Dudley.

On a personal note I find the condensing of history in the English court is not to my liking. First dismissing William and now dismissing Dudley for a marriage that in fact didn’t happen for another ten years. It feels rushed and that is because it is.

I get they want to portray Elizabeth as vulnerable and lonely however I feel like they are missing out by rushing through history and it is something they can’t undo if they want to revisit character later. Here’s hoping they give both Elizabeth and Mary new ladies next series.

In France the hunt for King Charles continues whilst Leith and the king’s guard work to oust the last of the Red Knight who have infiltrated the inner workings of French court.

When two king’s guard hurry to usher Catherine and Claude to safety they are intercepted by an arrow to the neck courtesy of Leith. The two guards were in fact Red Knights.

Leith has once again protected the Valois and Catherine rewards his loyalty by giving her consent for Leith to marry Claude.

Later Leith formally proposes and all looks good for the happy couple. First though Leith wishes to go with the rest of the king’s’ guard to carry out a mission to crush the remaining Red Knights. Claude wishes Leith would stay in bed with her however she respects his wish to keep her safe.

Charles is found alive but shaken, the boy King has been traumatised by his recent kidnap and no longer wishes to be King. Catherine is less than impressed with Charles’ desire to not be King as if it is a hat you can simply take off and whilst in his chambers quite literally slaps some sense into him.

It would appear her words got through to Charles as he gathers his privy council in private and with the spin of how it was him who brought down the Red Knights they happily accept his bid to be considered of age to rule on his own. Charles no longer requires a regent and informs Catherine he had stripped her of all her power and control at French court.

Not one to merely accept her roll of the dice Catherine responds by recalling Prince Henry to court as a not so subtle reminder that there are other heirs in line should anything u unfortunate occur to the King. I’d have someone tasting my wine and food if I was Charles.

Acting on intelligence the king’s guard gather to trap and kill the last of the Red Knights. Whilst they set the grain store alight a soldier steps aside Leith and promptly stabs him in the gut. Whilst Leith lies bleeding in the snow his only thoughts are of Claude.


In Scotland things are as tense as ever. Mary whilst queen is seen as an outsider, a catholic intruder by some, too French by others.

John Knox has insisted that Mary convert her faith however she has refuses and instead gathers her priest to take mass in the chapel. Knox is not impressed with such a blatant display of Catholicism however as Mary insists she wishes to be tolerant to her loyal subjects regardless of faith and more importantly that one should remember that they kneel for their queen, not the other way round.

Mary is back in Scotland and is not playing any games when it comes to securing her throne.

When local Catholics kill their Protestant neighbours a situation arises where Mary must be seen to take a strong stance that pleases all factions.

The local priest is brought to the castle for questioning however he denies his involvement. The Protestant’s wish to see justice delivered however Mary is uncertain of the protestant guilt.

When the priest hangs himself it offers Mary and opportunity look strong in front of all of her subjects. Proclaiming she had the priest hung for his crimes she gives a rousing speech about her Scottish heritage and how she will judge all not by their religious inclination but by how they act. All those who commit crimes will face equal justice.

Further to this Scotland must stand united and prevent the English forces from gaining any Scottish ground. The English delegation led by no other than Gideon have been stoking up local support for Queen Elizabeth. Sensing Mary’s grip on the Scottish throne strengthening they retreat to England.

Not before Mary and Gideon can share stolen kisses of course. The pair take to the bedroom to celebrate Mary’s continuing strength as Scottish queen. Where Gideon’s true loyalty luea has yet to be seen but it true to say he had fallen for the Queen of Scots. True too that Mary had developed a soft spot for the English ambassador.


Word reaches Scottish court of the assassination attempt of the English queen. Mary is in disbelief that Lola was involved and is distraught at her death. Bash relays that this is not political spin, Lola involved herself in a treasonous plot and paid the heavy cost. Narcisse remains in English captivity.

James sensing outside involvement confronts John Knox who does nothing to deny his involvement. He had his spies follow Lola and having learnt the secret code used between Lola and Mary, had a spy forge a letter including the instruction to kill the Queen of England. For Knox setting the two spiders amongst themselves is win win. If the plan had been a success Elizabeth would be dead and a suitable make Protestant ruler would be found for England. If the plan failed as it did by having the orders framed as if from the Queen of Scots it’s sets the two queens on a path for war. Mary blames Elizabeth for killing her friend Lola, believing it to be an act of punishment for Mary returning to Scotland. She no doubt she will wish to avenge Lola’s life. Narcisse too is not going to take the beheading of his wife lightly. For Elizabeth she wishes revenge on Mary for the attempted assassination of her life.

In times of war the balance of power is on a knife edge and for men like John Knox it is an opportunity to seize power for himself and see to it that women rule alone no more.

Of course it is a dangerous game and should either Mary or Elizabeth learn of Knox’s involvement it could potentially lead to him too losing his head.

James does not yet wish to take on Knox however no doubt this information will have a use at a later date.

We also seen Bash leave Scottish court this week. He’s been seeing the face of a druid woman he believes dead and seemingly talking to a ghost she informs him he must leave this place and connect with his heritage. Informing Mary he must leave they exchange hugs before Bash sheds his Poroit mode to go play supernatural in the woods. Still none the wiser about where Kenna is.

As the series finale draws to a close we see Mary on the border of Scotland overlooking England. There she orders Gideon to get close to Elizabeth, Mary does not wish to take her cousin’s life. No, Mary Queen of Scots wishes to also be Queen of England.

Be it King or Queen, the throne is a dangerous place to be. Friends and foes come and go and allegiances change in a heartbeat. Like that spider in the jar, you’re strong and in control until a second more powerful gets shaken your way.

Written by Lisa

Note from Admin:

An extra screenshot for you all of Elizabeth as she talks to Lola in Jail;


This pretty much sums up the episode.

As a curtesy note-due to so many deaths or possible deaths in this episode -please don’t forget the actors/actresses do not make the decisions on storylines. Please respect that they are not their characters and should be treated as such.

No Hating on Rachel!! 🙂

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