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Reign Recapped: 3.02 Betrothed

Written by: Lisa Randolph    Directed By: Fred Gerber

A quick catch up on the season premier Three Queens, Two Tigers. Catherine De Medici sought an alliance with Queen Elizabeth, attempted a failed plot to ruin Mary’s name in the eyes of the Vatican and offered her teenage son Charles’ hand in marriage to Elizabeth. Catherine ended the episode once again her son’s captive in a cage opposite a rather hungry looking tiger.

Francis has forbidden Narcisse from courting Lola however he seems to be disregarding this none the less. Meanwhile Bash has men hunting for Delphine who we last saw escaping from being burnt at the stake. He has them hunting for her under the guise of her being wanted for murder, of course their souls being linked and him feeling her pain is probably a pretty good motivation too.

Oh and there is the small matter of Francis’ demise creeping ever closer. As any man would do he is spending his last few days making good times with his wife, building boats and doing all he can to secure his wives and countries future.


Things we have learnt this week. Don’t trust Catherine De Medici.

Ok we already knew this but it needed stating again. She is a true survivor and if that means killing then that is the cost that needs to be paid. This is a harsh life lesson learnt this week by the young Dauphin Charles who finds himself innocently embroiled in a plot by his mother to have the Bourbon line extinguished.  Better now to see the length his mother will go to secure Frances and her own security than when he becomes King of France and too young to rule will find himself under a regent ruling in his name until he reaches maturity. Even from a cell Catherine can’t help herself from causing trouble

Keep it in the family.

Determined to secure France’s future and protect his wife Francis decides  that the best course of action is to see his wife Mary betrothed to his teenage brother, the Dauphin Charles. Mary is understandably upset at this notion but is wise enough to understand that both Scotland and France will benefit from the marriage. With regret Mary accepts Francis’ notion and agrees that whilst he breaks her heart she will marry Charles. For the young Dauphin the concept of having to be King is unwelcome, as is the notion of marriage. He especially doesn’t seem content on the idea of marrying Mary however after seeing how easily he was led astray by his mother and accepting the idea that marrying Mary would mean him being able to skip the idea of having a regent rule in his name until he is an adult he too agrees to Francis’ plan for Mary and Charles to be betrothed.

He’ll do anything for anal

In a plot to gain back her husband’s attention from Queen Elizabeth, Amy Dudley(Clara Pasieka) has taken a lover in the form of a member of the queen’s privy council. She falls in bed with him in exchange for favours. It turns out her lover’s wife refuses him certain sexual acts. Amy is all too willing to allow him what he wishes as long as she can creep back control of her husband. Whilst Elizabeth and Dudley(Charlie Carrick) play kinky sex games in the dungeon Amy is scheming to get her husband nominated as the new French ambassador. Moving to France is a price Amy is willing to pay to have Robert back in her clutches and away from his lover, the queen.


Elizabeth isn’t too keen on this idea and publicly criticises Dudley in front of the privy council. Of course Dudley is upset by this but it too is a price Elizabeth is willing to pay to keep her lover near.


Don’t question the queen’s friendship skills

Lady Donatella( Cristina Rosato) learns the hard way this week that being a friend to the queen has its ups and downs and holding your tongue saves you from hardship. Okay the last bit she will be learning pretty soon thanks to a harsh lesson from Queen Elizabeth. Since the Vatican have put two and two together regarding the plot to weaken Mary’s position the heat is on to cover up any tracks of Elizabeth willingly allowing Catherine to be at court. Assuring her friend she will only get a slap on the wrist Elizabeth persuades her friend to tell a few lies and state that it is was in fact her hid her cousin Catherine at court. A fact that Queen Elizabeth herself was obviously unaware of. The plan hits a few road bumps in the form of witnesses at court who saw the queen and Catherine together. Clearing Elizabeth’s name is going to cost her friend more than she originally bargained for. Lady Donatella is forced to testify that she lied to her queen and hid Catherine at court introducing her to the queen unknowingly. The lords rule that she and her husband are to be stripped of all their titles and lands. A harsh punishment that does not go over well, here Lady Donatella makes a mistake one does not tend to repeat. She demands the queen provide her with wealth or else she will recant her story. Threatening the Queen of England, is not her smartest move. Lady Donatella just earnt herself in a time out at the tower, luckily for her the queen is in a good mood and tells her guard to ensure she doesn’t lose her head.

302-4 302-3


Listen to Nostradamus

Elsewhere Narcisse continues to try and woo Lola despite being denied the right to court Lola by Francis. Lola is seemingly impressed by the attention she is getting and has taken to having regular baths in a rather bizarre form of foreplay. All the while it turns out Narcisse is scheming himself and poor Lola’s heart looks set to be broken. Using Lola’s fear of Catherine he is setting it up to look like Catherine is out to get her and sending intimidating messages to her (in the form of a dead rat in the bath amongst other ways). His plan is working and Lola is running straight into his lying, scheming arms.

It might not be a witch but people are dying

Meanwhile Bash continues his private investigator side adventure. Delphine is now sending him messages informing him of the next poor soul to die. Turns out the named victim is leaving to marry her love. The young lovers fail to get their happy ending though as Bash finds them both looking pretty dead in a boat. It seems like there is a serial killer loose at court.

Final thoughts of this week; I’m liking the quicker pace of the first two episodes. Spreading the plot between two courts is no easy task however it flows well and allows for multiple, complex plots to play out at the same time.  With Francis’ death seeming imminent things are about to get fiery.

Fact of the Week:

Transitions to the English court are shown with shots of the white cliffs of Dover alongside the word England just to clear up any potential confusion over which court the scenes are currently set in. Dover is about 80 miles away from Greenwich and Whitehall where Elizabeth spent the majority of her time however it is an understandable image to use when you consider that go to images such as the Palace of Westminster (the houses of parliament) were not built until around three hundred years after Elizabeth began her reign as Queen of England. My inner history geek got a little sidetracked there; let’s get back to this recap.


Review written by Lisa

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