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Reign Recapped: 3.03 Extreme Measures

Written by: Wendy Riss and Drew Lindo

Directed by: Holly Dale

Firstly I want to apologise for the delay in getting these recaps written up. Life has been teaching me a lesson, everything, well almost everything can be overcome.

This really echos in the next few recaps. I know a few of those reading this will be history fans; for those who are then you will be aware that Francis’ fate was sadly set in stone.

Reign is best described as historical fantasy but some things can not be overcome. As much as the plot may hurt the hearts of the dedicated Frary fans for a Queen, the show and theatre of court life must go on.

Charles is really not ready for this. The teen Dauphin would much prefer to be flirting with the girls. Indeed talking drugs with the girls than preparing to be king. Good thing he will need a regent to rule on his behalf.

This week he gave a young girl he was wooing opium, a move that very nearly cost her life. Something that really wouldn’t have cast a good shadow upon the young prince. All hail the quick thinking of Narcisse and Claude, whilst his dealings with Lola are no doubt suspicious behind closed doors the man has a heart. His actions speak louder than words and for this Francis grants him permission to marry Lola after previously denying them.

King Antoine’s unexpected return to court requires Francis to put on his Sunday best and pretend all is well in the French court. An ailing king is a weakness many will try to take advantage of.

Whilst Antoine’s time at court is unhappy for some it brings a change in fortune for Catherine De Medici.

On a side note I want to praise the wonderful use of modern music given it’s own medieval twist. The rendition of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me provides a touching moment and  beautifully choreographed dance between Mary and Francis as well as providing some heartbreaking foreshadowing.

In this week’s game of chess King Antoine seeks help from the French court to rescue Condé and return him home. Mary and Francis are all too happy to help on the tiny condition of him and the house of Bouborn signing away their claim to the French court. Upon hearing this the English ambassador offers him their support and gold to turn down this deal.

Of course the walls or whores* as it turns out have ears and with the aid of Bash, who also ignored the order to stay away from the visiting king word gets back to Mary and Francis of England’s offer.

Desperate times call for extreme measures as Mary has Catherine released from the dungeon so that she can blackmail Elizabeth, if they do not redraw their offer then Catherine will risk her own neck to destroy Elizabeth’s name by exposing her role in the plot to bring down Mary.

King Antoine is not keen on signing away his right to the throne to a dying man but Francis’ display of quiet brutally and the threat to ransack his country soon find him seeing his senses.

Oh and as if this show doesn’t have enough romances Claude and Leith have blossoming feelings for each other. Though I’m not sure that sleeping with one of her ladies is the best way to go about ignoring his feelings for her.

The ongoing events have brought home to Mary that with Francis’ death so too dies the current alliance between France and Scotland. Charles and Mary’s short engagement is called off and Mary seeks for Francis to support his mother as the future regent. Catherine and Mary may not always see eye to eye but there is no denying she will do whatever necessary to secure the future of her family. Who best to oversee the fortune of her young son, the future King of France?

*Can anyone please explain why Greer, a known madame is allowed at court? Answers on a postcard please


Written by Lisa

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