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Reign Recapped: 3.04 The Price

Written by: April Blair and Robert D. Doty

Directed by: Nathaniel Goodman

Newton’s third law taught us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Our parents taught us actions have consequences. Some call it karma, others view it as the world finding its balance. Either way for all of our actions, life, death, marriage or staying unwed result in consequences all men and women must pay.

This week we see the price that those in both the French and English court are willing to pay to have the outcome they wish to see.

Francis’ health is declining and whilst he wishes otherwise his time is near. The question is what price is Francis and Mary willing to pay for Francis’ life?

In his time of need Mary seeks out Delphine (Alexandra Ordolis) to help Francis sidestep death. Knowing full well that Delphine’s healing comes at a potentially fatal cost Mary is willing to potentially willing to sacrifice herself to save her love. Fate though has a strange sense of humour and it is not Mary but Delphine and Mary’s own mother who must pay the price. The healing leaves Delphine unconscious in Bash’s arms and Marie De Guise ( Amy Brenneman) dead upon a floor.

Meanwhile Narcisse and Lola must face Catherine whilst they try and enjoy their honeymoon. With Catherine now freely roaming court it is dangerous times for Narcisse who didn’t leave his ex lover on the best of terms and whom he has framed for sending threatening notes to Lola, a scheme designed to win her trust. Secrets have a way of making themselves heard, the clock may be ticking for happiness for the newlyweds. What price will Narcisse have to pay for his lies and schemes is yet to be seen.

In the English court the tiny question of when and who Elizabeth will marry is a never ending game if merry go round with suitors being sent to caught to catch the queen’s eye and nevertheless leaving empty handed.

Elizabeth knows the place as a woman is to submit to her future husband and king and is altogether not too keen on the idea. Now if only her privy council would get on board and quit bothering her with such endeavours.

Being an unwed Queen with no heir is a position Elizabeth, her supporters and more importantly her enemies know places her in a position of weakness. A woman should not be seen to rule alone, some would argue can not rule alone. Elizabeth’s emancipation from the rule of men is not without consequences but for the time being is a price she is willing to pay.

The latest suitor Don Carlos l( Mark Ghanimé) eaves court after the initial signs looked promising.Rumours and backstabbing at court are dangerous and this week the potential bethroyal of Don Carlos and Elizabeth hits the rocks after a pesky rumour that Elizabeth is in fact a man reaches his ears. Elizabeth is left hurt and embarrassed when Don Carlos insists she lifts her skirts to prove she is a woman.

Elizabeth does not wish to marry however we do see her concede that she will, if only in public be seen to be showing interest in marriage, she will do the dance her lord’s wish to see for the same of England and her own security but it is a small price for her to pay for her own personal freedom.

Staying with the English court we  must come to the dangerous game being played between Robert Dudley(Charlie Carrick), his wife Amy (Clara Pasieka) and Elizabeth. An arrangement that comes at a price for all.

When Elizabeth informs Robert of Amy’s interference at court and her role in her trying to have him sent to France the price Amy faces is being sent home from court. Without her husband. Needless to say she is rather unhappy and taking no heed in the consequences of her previous actions spreads a vicious rumour, enough to have her head if Elizabeth was to seek it. Whilst Robert and Elizabeth are all too aware of the potential fallout out of their illicit relationship it can be argued that they are not ruling with their heads.

Catherine faces the consequences of a lifetime as a Queen, one who was not always the most thoughtful to her people.  Gaining support for the regency will be no easy feat.

Whilst Bash continues his role as private investigator searching out for Delphine he continues also to pay the price for their bond. This week he sports a nasty looking burn in the shape of a cross. Poor Delphine can’t seem to catch a break. There is also the matter of the real heart stealing murderer and the potential risk facing Bash as he hunts the murderer.

In life we must all face the consequences of our actions, in a place where life and death, friends and enemies change in a moment keeping fate on side seems a good plan.


Written by Lisa

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