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Welcome to Rachel Skarsten UK: A fan website for the actress Rachel Skarsten. Rising to fame on Birds of Prey and then the breakout role of Tamsin on hit show Lost Girl - Now starring on the TV show ReignRachel has a long list of credits and achievements. Rachel Skarsten UK is the first fansite for Rachel that is not only social media based. I hope to bring you the latest news and gossip !
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Reign Recapped: 3.05 In a Clearing

Written by: Shannon Goss

Directed by: Deborah Chow

Back with Poirot meets Bash and Delphine is seeking to leave court. No wonder considering she hasn’t exactly been treated kindly. Indeed they did try and burn her at the stake. Surprised that her bonding spell with Bash worked she sets out to reverse it. Now I’m not quite sure on the ins and outs of the unbinding ritual but it involved squid ink and holding Bash under the water for a few seconds past comfortable.

So Bash and Delphine are now unbond, now if only they could find the pesky murderer who it turns out likes to keep hearts in jars.

After the death of her mother Mary receives a surprising offer from Elizabeth, a formal offer of peace in exchange for Mary signing away her right to the English crown. A peace deal that would benefit both countries.

Francis is against Mary signing away her birthright however Mary is clear that with Francis by her side and a stable regent ruling on behalf in Scotland she has no desire to return to Scotland. France is her home and has been since she was a child. Indeed the real historical person signed her name Marie, the French form of her birth name Mary. France was her home since she alongside her four ladies in waiting, also named Mary were sent to France as part of her bethroyal to get future husband Francis when she was just a small child.

With her signature on the peace deal all seems well to end the war and differences between France and England.Whatever could go wrong?

After his mysterious return to health after Delphine’s intervention things do not bode well when Nostradamus returns to court with a new prophecy.

Blood on white leaves at the bottom of an eerie tree can not lead to good things.

In the fullness of life Francis wishes to take his wife to Paris, to dance and take advantage of the beautiful things life has to give.

The happy couple remember happier times in life that brought them together before an unexpected stop on the road so that they can  celebrate life and each other through the medium of skinny dipping in a lake hidden in the woods.

One can only hope they avoided getting mud in hard to reach places whilst connecting with one another on the bank.

Happiness is short lived for Mary and Francis. Wandering off back to their carriage Mary is abducted by three mean looking men. Hearing the commotion Francis runs to her aid and during a battle is injured. The battle plus his ear infection are too much for the young king and underneath an eerie looking tree Francis leaves this mortal coil.In his dying breathes Francis seeks Mary’s promise that she will remain in France to help ensure and over see that his mother wins the regency and his brother Charles becomes rightfull king as well as that Mary should fall in love again and wed.

Mary, Queen of Scots is no longer Queen of France. King Francis is dead.

In the fallout of Francis’ death Mary strikes out blaming Elizabeth for the assassins despite Nichols’s pleas that his Queen had nothing to do with it. Elizabeth would not wish to kill her cousin as killing Mary, a fellow Queen would set a terrible precedent that could have consequences for herself.Mary tears and burns the peace treaty despite his pleas.

As Francis makes his final journey through France for burial Mary remarks it is not the way they envisioned seeing Paris.

As the truth unfolds it becomes clear that it was not England that seeked Mary’s death but a group of Scottish nobles who wished to take advantage of the unsettled conditions following the death of Marie De Guise.

With the death of King Francis things are set to change for all at the French court

A special mention must go out to Toby Regbo. His portrayal of King Francis has brought many people happiness and I and I am sure many others are sad to see him leave. May we see him many flashbacks as we move forward with the show

Written by Lisa

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