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Reign Recapped: 3.06 Fight or Flight

Written by: Lisa Randolph

Directed by: Charles Binamé

France and her future marriage to Francis is all Mary has known since she was a child. Now her future is unstable, her interests and security are at risk and she must decide which path forward she will take. She is no longer Queen of France however she is determined to carry out her promise to her late husband by ensuring her now ex mother in law wins the regency.

Aligning herself and her support with Catherine is a calculated risk Mary feels worth taking. Catherine however is being her own worst enemy and instead of being out manipulating court to win favour for herself she is locked away grieving. As understandable as this is, there is sadly no time for this. The politics of royalty stops for no one and powerful lords have taken advantage of Catherine’s absence to further their own causes. One such individual is Lord Grenier (Ted Whittall), he has substantial money and land and unlike Catherine is a man. He is rallying support for his own votes for regency in open secrecy however by the looks of it he had been selling off his vineyards in secret. Keen to find a weakness of his to exploit and gain the upper hand in the upcoming vote Mary enlists Greer’s help. If Grenier needs money fast then knowing why would put Mary and therefore Catherine one step ahead.

Lady Grenier as it turns out was more than happy to spill the beans to one of Greer’s ladies. On a side note how come Mary seemed aware of lesbianism but Greer, the madam seemed unaware?

Turns out Lord Grenier has been using the money from the sale of his land to hire mercenaries involved in the ongoing battles in Scotland. Willfully profiting from the death of fellow men and soldiers is a big no no. Accepting he has been caught red handed Lord Grenier removes himself from the campaign to win regency.

Catherine decides that to honour her sons love of Mary that she as regent would not end French supporting Scotland despite earlier making clear to Mary that this would be the best course of action for France.

Aware that this stance would jeopardise Catherine’s  chances of being voted as regent, Mary makes the difficult decision to protect France and formally dissolves the alliance between France and Scotland.

Nearing the end of her formal grieving period and aware now, more than ever that she must secure her own future and the security of Scotland Mary decides to remain where she feels at home, France.

With that though she sends word to Don Carlos that she is in France and willing to start negotiations.

Meanwhile Narcisse makes Catherine aware of his place on the privy council. Not one to be out manoeuvred Catherine literally takes him by the balls and then when things get a little heated instead of a kiss drops to her knees. No I never thought I would write about the Queen Mother of France giving a guy oral sex but hey Reign you like to keep us on our toes.

There is a secondary plot here that Narcisse wants Lola to be more adventuress in bed but I got confused about Lola acting like a bashful lady since she had a boyfriend in the very first episode. In short this GS are not looking rosy in that marriage.

In other relationship news this week:

Claude invents a person to set Leith up with. It is all a ploy to spend time  with Leith, who as it turns out had broken it off wit Claude’s lady in waiting.  This is all rather adorable and when the truth comes out Leith once again points out that he got burnt last time and that Claude is above him. Whilst this may all be true it doesn’t stop them kissing.

Talking of relationships in England Robert Dudley is still away from court despite Elizabeth making it quite clear she requires his attendance at court. Preferable in her room taking care of a very specific itch minus his scheming wife. Of course reality has a way of getting in the way of things, even if you are the Queen of England.

Since Robert is avoiding her and is away of business Elizabeth changes direction of attack and summons his wife Amy to court.

Amy Dudley is the new Keeper of the Swans. A position Amy is very much not keen on, it would involve her moving back to court and Swans have a nasty habit of biting. A fact I’m certain Elizabeth was all too aware of. All that matters to Elizabeth is that with Amy at court Robert will follow shortly after, if Amy happens to get hurt in the process, well that would be a terrible misfortune.

Desperate to get away from court at all costs Amy seeks the help of a doctor. The doctor diagnoses a condition however Amy uses her feminine wills to persuade the doctor to change his diagnosis that would benefit from country air and a calm, stable, stress free home.  Robert riddled with guilt that he has caused his wives illness informs Elizabeth that he must leave and that they can not be together.

Whether that lie will come back to haunt Amy is yet to be seen. We have seen Robert’s unpredictable and dangerous side when he last learned of Amy’s plot to separate him from Elizabeth, a wise person would probably suggest Amy tread lightly. How long Elizabeth and Dudley can bare to be apart is another unknown.

The next episode 307 The Hound and Hare marks the mid season finale.

Written by Lisa

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