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Reign Recapped: 3.07 The Hound and the Hare

Written by: Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt

Directed by: Anne Wheeler

This week’s metaphor of the week is hunting. Mary for a new husband despite her love and dedication to her late husband. Don Carlos for a wife, though be also seeks to protect his personal secrets. Both Catherine and Narcisse for power and control of regency, always looking for new ways to further their power at court whilst playing a dangerous game of of double crossing mischief. The arrival of the new English ambassador Gideon Blackburn ruffles the feathers of those in power as he hunts for a way to get close to Mary and manipulate the ongoing situations for England’s gain whilst Mary and those involved high up in the French court seek to uncover Gideon’s real intentions.

Don Carlos seeks to play a courting game called the Hound and the Hare where women run and ride in the woods whilst potential courtiers chase after them to seek a kiss. With her personal history of woods Mary isn’t too keen however Don Carlos surprises her by explaining that he prefers to play a version where it is the women who chase the men.

Mary becomes suspicious that her potential suitor is hiding a secret after he left the Austrian court in a hurry and seems strangely guarded off his luggage. She arranges for it to be stored without Don Carlos’ knowledge and hopes to win his favour by agreeing to play his game.

It is during this game that Gideon spots an injured Mary and takes the opportunity to gain her trust and shows her kindness whilst also dropping the hint that Don Carlos has a dark secret relating to his sexuality. Knowing that Mary will take the bait, search further into this secret which would most likely destroy any marriage hope between Scotland and Spain, Gideon hands Mary over to seek treatment for her ankle.

Narcisse also stumbles across Catherine in lust with the servant. A ploy no doubt by Catherine to lure him back to her bed. Indeed Narcisse seeks Catherine out and states that she has his vote as long as she disregards her new lover.

After the game Mary seeks out his Don Carlos’ luggage to try and find what he is hiding but before she can learn more she is interrupted by Don Carlos himself. He explains that he is a masochist, he gets pleasure from pain and wishes for his future partner to engage in such activities with him. He asks Mary to at least give it a chance but she is not keen to engage in such activities

Meanwhile they are finally about to vote Catherine as new Regent when the vote is disrupted. There are claims Francis was poisoned and in light of this and the allegation that Catherine killed her own son a new Regent is elected. Narcisse puts forward himself forward and us elected promptly.

Mary confides in Catherine about Dpn Carlos’ desires and wishing to see Mary married and secure Catherine offers her help.

Unknown to Don Carlos it is not Mary whipping him but Catherine. Mary’s dirty talk When he learns of this he is embarrassed and falls leading to him hitting his head and impaling himself on a shard of wood. Believing they have killed the prince of Spain both women take a moment to freak out before composing themselves. Upon returning to the spot where he was left they find Don Carlos is missing. The prince is injured but he is alive.

Bash continues to play Poiret and whilst he seems completely unaware that his wife has been unseen by any of her friends for quite a while now he continues to seek out the killer who has a fetish for keeping hearts in jars. After discovering another body, Delphine receives another vision and finds herself outside Greer’s tavern. Believing Greer to be the next target of the killer they set out a plan to protect Greer and catch the killer. When the killer doesn’t show everyone breathes a breath of relief. Until that it is, it turns out that Greer was never his intended victim. It is Delphine. When the killer attacks Delphine he backs off and instead of killing her he runs away. Believing his bad intentions have been transferred to her Delphine seeks to leave.

On a side note it is also revealed Greer is with child. Who her child’s father is, now that is a mystery.


Written by Lisa

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