Reign Review 308

Reign Recapped: 3.08 Our Undoing

Written by: Gretchen J.Berg and Aaron Harbert’s

Directed by: Lee Rose

How do you solve a problem like a broken Spanish prince?

Agree to marry him of course.

Following on from where last week’s action left off Mary and Catherine hurry to get rid of their bloodied clothes and concoct an alibi for when the prince had his unfortunate bdsm related accident. Whilst burning clothes Catherine takes the opportunity to take a look at her collection of poisons. Storing poison in your chambers tends to put people on edge at the best of times, for Catherine who is accused of poisoning her son it is potentially deadly evidence. Before Mary has a chance to add the poison to the collection of now burnt  evidence they are interrupted by Narcisse who informs them it is his duty to carry out an inquest into Francis’ death and helpfully points men towards Catherine’s collection of poisons and herbal mixtures . Afterwards Catherine confides to Mary she found a poison in her possessions that she hid upon herself.  Whoever planted the poison surely seeks to frame Catherine for Francis’ death.

Don Carlos isn’t looking too peachy. The doctors fear the worst and inform Mary that he will likely die. The prince’s men seek to cover up what occurred and send a story back to King Philippe about the unfortunate incident.  At first they seek to blame Greer and her whores however Mary seeks to clear their names of any wrongdoing.  When Greer appears at court Mary unaware if Greer’s pregnancy remarks that there is something new about her. Keen to keep her secret pregnancy a secret she replies it is her new gown. Really a new gown?

Meanwhile the inquest seeks to find evidence of how Francis’ liver became blackened. Mary seeks out Lola and makes it known to her that she believes it was Narcisse not Catherine who had a dead rat placed into her bathtub. Lola is resistant to believe this however deep down Lola is questioning her husband.  Lola gives evidence to the inquest that Catherine was able to have the dead rat arranged to be placed in her bathtub whilst Catherine was in the dungeon, proof that Catherine had a far reach and could have arranged to have Francis poisoned. Afterwards Lola notices her scribe’s handwriting and questions whether he wrote the note found in her bath. He states he did not however all the scribes have similar handwriting. When Lola confronts Narcisse with what Mary told him he insists it is not true however soon after he kills the scribe. When Lola learns the truth she informs Narcisse that her love for him is gone.

Claude is also called before the inquest. At first she lies to try and protect her mother but the contents of her diary detailing how Catherine poisoned her sooup are found and used in evidence much to the upset of Claude. In light of the evidence of Catherine’s prior poisoning the inquest finds there is enough evidence to charge Catherine with murder.

Seeing the danger Catherine is in ,Mary disguises her and has her safely removed from court. From outside court Catherine has people sent to seek out the embalmer responsible for the collection and embalming of Francis’ vital organs. Finding him long gone they piece together the information they have and all sources point to him being bribed. Upon returning to court they have Francis’ coffin opened much to the horror of Mary. Inside is the decaying body of the former king, his body in tact and organs not removed. Buried without being embalmed the blackened liver is not that of the former king.

Don Carlos recovers however he is seemingly suffered a brain injury. Mary has to make a decision regarding what is best for the people of Scotland and decides she must make a decision about marriage with her head not her heart.

Back in Scotland the English soldiers stole Scottish grain and the Scottish people are going hungry. During a daring raid to regain the grain members of Lola’s family are captured. Gideon relays a message from Elizabeth to Mary. Elizabeth’s is willing to spare Lola’s family on the condition that Lola travels to the English court. Mary is unwilling to send away her friend however after learning the truth about her husband Lola states it is her duty to travel to England.

Knowing the seriousness of Don Carlos’ situation the Spanish accept a marriage proposal from Mary and so the couple are betrothed. In celebrating of this the Spanish agree to send grain to Scotland.  Mary will agree to Mary Don Carlos to spare him being locked away out of shame and to ensure the people if Scotland have a strong Queen and country.



Written by Lisa

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