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Reign Recapped: 310 The Bruises That Lie

Written by: P.K. Simonds Directed by: Megan Follows

I wanted to start this recap by mentioning that it does involve talk of the loss of pregnancy. This is a sensitive and upsetting topic and I have tried to cover it in an appropriate way. For those who wish to skip this recap know that due to the tragic loss Elizabeth is no longer pregnant in 310.

Below is a quick recap on what happened in the episode.

Claude is married of against her will, shortly after the marriage her new husband hits her.  Claude’s ‘latin’ lessons pay off and shes shows an impressive array if self defense when she lays out her new husband in response to him striking her across the face. When she returns to court with a bruised face Charles is distraught that he forced his sister to marry a brute. Charles angrily reacts by replacing Narcisse as regent with his mother as well as annulling Claude’s marriage. As it turns out Catherine paid the Duke to hit Claude knowing it would force Charles to question Narcisse’s wisdom and turn him again his council.

Claude and Leith are once more free to be together and Leith makes it clear he plans to marry Claude once he has risen through the ranks and is of suitable standing at court.

After intercepting letters between England and Gideon, Greer informs Mary they have broke the secret code and have learnt of Gideon’s true intentions. Mary breaks Gideon’s secret code and confronts him over his true intentions. They agree to trick Elizabeth into believing the seduction has worked. On Gideon’s part he will have contact with daughter. On Mary’s part she mentions being reunited with Lola, however neither seem to be that uncomfortable with their ‘fake’, seduction. They arrange to be seen kissing by Gideon’s man so news will quickly get back to Elizabeth. They kiss for a second time ‘just to be safe’. Later when Mary gives Gideon the good news that Elizabeth has decided to reunite him with his daughter, Gideon kisses Mary in the excitement. She backs off stating they need to keep their distance however they both seem keen on getting closer.

Over in England Elizabeth is failing to get Lola on board. Turns out keeping a person’s family hostage makes for a frosty reception. Nevertheless Elizabeth rows to keep Lola in England until the situation between England and Scotland calms.

Elizabeth has been hiding her pregnancy courtesy of some handy pig’s blood aiding her in  faking her ‘monthly pains’ however it would appear nothing at court stays secret for long.

A mysterious hand dumps poison in the Queen’s tea whilst she is occupied.Her advisor William comes close to drinking the poisoned tea however ultimately it is drank by its intended target. Whilst the poison does not kill Elizabeth it leads to the tragic loss of her child. It is this loss that spurs Elizabeth to reunite Gideon with his daughter. Hearing the sad news Robert rushes to be at Elizabeth’s side and though he is relieved to be found to have not been involved in his late wife’s death he is upset by Elizabeth’s distress. Whilst Elizabeth recovers from her ordeal she and William ponder who would take such action as to poison the Queen.  Mary is suggested however Elizabeth does not believe it is her work. One thing is for sure. The person responsible will surely feel the full force of Elizabeth’s wrath.

Reign returns for the remaining episodes of season three this month.


Written by Lisa

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