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Reign Recapped: 3.11 Succession

Written by: April Blair

Directed by: Charles Binamé

Reign returned this week and it pure royal style it did it with class and a hell of a bang.

We return to French court in time to see the preparations for Charles’( Spencer MacPherson) coronation, the new regent Catherine is back exactly where she feels she belongs, in control. Catherine is sparing no expense on the lavish occasion, with so many royals at court this is a perfect opportunity to show strength and power. The gold supply may be running low but that is no excuse in Catherine’s eyes to ruin the mood.

Of course there is the pesky problem of the bodies that were uncovered half buried in the castle tunnels. With security tight for the upcoming coronation it’s a potential PR disaster for the new regent.

For the killer it’s cause for concern as Bash flies straight back into Poirot mode. Lucky then that the butcher( Christopher Jacot) is seen in public having a barney with Lord Fluret (Keith Dinicol) over expensive piglets for the feast.

With a killer on the loose within the castle walls Bash has all his men on high alert to ensure the coronation goes smoothly and the serial killer is brought to justice. Catherine’s lover Christophe (Nathaniel Middleton), newly appointed as a King’s guard is keen to volunteer to help in between taking advantage of his new access to the queen mother and rekindling an old romance with the baker’s wife, a secretive affair which results in him snagging himself a key to the castle larder. Later he reports to Bash that he witnessed the butcher stealing a barrel of salt. An expensive commodity but oddly something not that out of place for a butcher to be seen moving about. Still we will forgive the writers as the salt is a ploy to get Bash to reexamine the bodies and of course he finds traces of salt on the bodies. Following the lead Christophe uncovers the stolen salt barrel whilst Bash finds an empty jar, the same jars the killer keeps the hearts in.

Examining the salt barrel they discover the remains of Lord Fluret who had been missing since his argument with the butcher. Speaking of the butcher he comes across the scene and seeing the dead body he resists arrest knowing he faces certain death as a result of the charges he faces. The killer is caught…

Or so it seems. Whilst Bash goes off to prepare for Charles’ coronation be must be pondering his next CSI case. Maybe Mary will hire Bash to find information on where his wife and Mary’s missing lady in waiting Kenna is? Has she had her bastard child yet?

Whilst the butcher faces his grisly end Catherine has her own suspicion about the identity of the killer. Following her gut instinct she examines the new key on Christophe’s belt loop. To her horror it is a key to the larder. The butcher is not the serial killer, her lover is. Having followed Catherine throughout the castle Christophe is all too keen to confess that he did enjoy kill those people. He quite enjoys killing people actually and before Catherine gets any ideas about telling anyone of his murderous intentions he makes it clear he is aware if Catherine’s plot to end Claude’s marriage. For now the real killer may still be on the loose but Christophe’s days may be limited. Blackmailing Catherine de Medici never ends well for the one who is trying to wrangle power from her.

One dead butcher later Charles is coronated the new king of France under the rule of his regent until he comes of age.

Mary, a guest at French court knows her days are limited before she must return to Scotland. Lord Cunningham ( Giles Panton) this week brings bad news that in Scotland John Knox, a great protestant reformer has stormed Edinburgh Castle along with his men and supporters. Worse still, whilst in the castle grounds they burnt effigies of Mary herself. Mary’s own brother James who is ruling in Scotland as her regent is hesitant to punish these powerful men and it is important now more than ever for Mary to raise strength in her position as Queen of Scotland. Lord Cunningham suggests a marriage to a foreign protestant prince with the hope that the compromise would appease those against the catholic monarch. However this is a move that would see Mary comprise herself. In the end Mary resolves that she must fight fire with fire and despite the potential of it being perceived as an act of aggression by England, Mary sets out to get funding from the Vatican to take the fight to John Knox and his reformers.

Meanwhile in England Elizabeth is returning to court after recovering from her poisoning. Upon receiving a letter from Gideon detailing Mary’s concerns over the growth of John Knox’s support in Scotland, Elizabeth ponders Mary’s suggestion that they as female monarchs stand in solidarity. John Knox is not keen on any female monarch catholic or protestant.

Sensing that Mary is keen to return to Scotland soon, Elizabeth visits Lola to extract information. Lola being loyal to Mary is not willing to breach her queen’s trust. This does not go down well with Elizabeth and in retaliation she takes a candle to Lola’s dresses.

Later a maid is helping clear up the ruined dresses when Lola is keen to help and stumbles across a red wig. An expensive, fine red wig. The maid is unable to fully explain the situation so instead along with Lola they go and spy on a unimpressed William( Tom Everett Scott) with a woman who has left the red wig elsewhere. Still Lola is able to put two and two together when William calls out Elizabeth’s name in passion.

Wig in hand Lola tries to her best to gently inform the queen of her councillors bedroom role play.  Aghast at the news Elizabeth is waiting for William when he returns to his chambers. Confronting him over his actions ,William states that he is in fact in love with Elizabeth but did not act on his feelings to save his queen the shame. William is a married man and unlike Dudley he apparently as some morals. Of course it has not gone unnoticed by Elizabeth that for all his so called love of her it didn’t prevent William from causing her to miscarry her unborn child. Whilst he denies his involvement Elizabeth has already followed up her suspicion. Along with the red wigs William had a maid bring to him a potion used by whores to rid themselves of ‘unwanted burdens’ shortly before dismissing the maid. Devastated at his betrayal Elizabeth permanently expels William from English court.

With Mary’s return to Scotland looking sooner rather than later Reign looks to continue it’s fashionable if not always historically correct exploration of the life and trails of Mary, Queens of Scots.

Reign can now be found on Netflix on Tuesday with the next Episode 3.12 No Way Out available from Tuesday 3rd May


Written by Lisa

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