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Welcome to Rachel Skarsten UK: A fan website for the actress Rachel Skarsten. Rising to fame on Birds of Prey and then the breakout role of Tamsin on hit show Lost Girl - Now starring on the TV show ReignRachel has a long list of credits and achievements. Rachel Skarsten UK is the first fansite for Rachel that is not only social media based. I hope to bring you the latest news and gossip !
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Reign Recapped: 3.12 No Way Out

Written by: Wendy Riss Gatsiounis

Directed by: Fred Gerber

Word travels quickly at court however this week we are a much more direct route of misinformation. Upon her return to the Vatican Mary is greeted by Gideon  and she quickly informs him that the Vatican have declined her request for the support of an army. Of course this is a lie but Gideon is unaware of this and it is the incorrect news he will send back to England.

The Vatican are all too keen to put a catholic on the English throne and whilst Mary is keen to return and strengthen Scotland she is all too aware of the cost of life this intervention may cause.

King’s and Queens have a whole lot of power as long as they can successfully swerve the political fireballs thrown their way.

Elizabeth sensing Mary’s grip on Scotland is shrinking and acting on the rather dodgy intelligence filtering through from France takes the unusual step of naming Mary her successor. This bold move kills two birds with one stone on Elizabeth’s eyes. It gets her privy counsellors of her back for a while and further weakens Mary’s threat to get throne.

Of course news gets back fast of Elizabeth’s plan. Mary is really not keen however the Vatican see no issue. As soon as Mary accepts the offer they have a surefire way to get a catholic queen on the English throne.

The talk of killing monarchs is a conversation Mary would rather not have. Killing Elizabeth would only serve to out her own life in danger.

Gideon continues to get his wires crossed over which queen he actually serves and whilst presenting Elizabeth’s offer to Mary he begs her not sign the agreement. Whether this is genuine concern or him just not wanting to see Mary married off to another bloke is yet to be seen.

Unable to keep her secret for long Mary spills the beans on Vatican’s plans to assassinate Elizabeth. This should put Gideon in a sticky spot but again with him being confused they hatch a plan to buy time and save Elizabeth whilst keeping Mary’s name well clear if the whole murky plan.

Somewhere between pretending to have feelings and blatant misinformation Mary and Gideon forget themselves and their clothes magic themselves off. On a side note even a queen needs a little TLC every once in awhile. Let’s just hope Mary hasn’t fell for yet another broody man.

Gideon does an awful shop at hiding his feelings for Mary when he prevents his servant Jeffrey from spilling the beans of the assassination plot against the queen by taking rather drastic action. Poor Jeffrey, loyal to his queen ends up with a broken skull stuffed in a trunk.

Meanwhile in England Robert Dudley can’t catch a break. Exiled from court and unpopular with almost everyone his down in the dumps and even secret meetings with Elizabeth can’t cheer him up.

His bad luck continues when he is challenged to a duel by a rather rowdy neighbour. Accepting despite Elizabeth’s horror at the situation Dudley somehow manages to come out on top.

This is the very early years of guns so really this duel amr down to blind luck rather than skill. Anyway Robert can finally rejoice, he is recalled to court and named the new Earl of Leicester. Talking to Dudley he is also expected to marry Mary, Queen of Scots but cheer up Robert it’s not like the queen uses you like a pawn on a chessboard…

Talking of drama a play is interrupted at French court by a man dressed as the devil who accuses Catherine and Henry of wrongly accusing 13 men of devil worship. Indeed Henry did have the men executed as the coffers had been short and he could not afford to pay the men. The Red Knights are out for revenge and Catherine has been around long enough to know you are never safe, not even within castle walls.


Written by Lisa

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