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Reign Recapped: 3.13 Strange Bedfellows

Written by: Shannon Goss

Directed by: Norma Bailey

Unaware of Gideon’s and Mary’s scheme to untangle al the Vatican mess this week we see Robert Dudley arrive in France. Sent by Elizabeth and unhappy about her choice he is ever the god servant to his queen and promptly purposes to Mary in a rather lacklustre manner. Dudley’s commitment to his queen is sincere and proves one thing, Elizabeth is correct that wherever Dudley is placed she ultimately has power and control.

Mary keen to keep up the charade accepts Dudley’s proposal however behind closed doors she quickly sheds the newly gained ring and celebrates her new engagement by sleeping with Gideon.

Keen to cut ties with the Vatican assassination plot Mary and Gideon discuss the Vatican’s likely plan, to put a catholic king on the Scottish and English throne. The likely candidate is Joseph Tudor, a distant cousin of both queens. Joseph has-been in France since seeking asylum when Elizabeth ascended the English throne.

After a little digging Gideon finds evidence that Joseph and the Vatican have been plotting together to overthrow Elizabeth. Gideon promptly kidnaps him and has him thrown on an England bound ship.  Sadly for Gideon he was seen at Joseph’s house and finds himself thrown in a dungeon.

With Gideon locked up Mary must turn to the last person who can get information back to Elizabeth, her new fiancée Robert Dudley.

Robert isn’t keen to help as is rather put out that Gideon both seduced Elizabeth and has been blatantly sleeping with Mary. Gideon is not a fan of Dudley either however he sees the bigger picture. If Dudley finds the evidence Gideon secreted away he can save both Mary and Elizabeth. Eventually Robert agrees and he presents the evidence and Joseph Tudor to Elizabeth. Joseph’s fate is sealed. Elizabeth may not be able to publicly blame the Vatican for their role in the assassination plot however she can have Joseph hung, drawn and quartered. Elizabeth using the entire situation to lecture her privy council are why she will not be forced to make decisions to please them and states that she does not and will not name and heir.

The Vatican out for blood also demand Catherine hands over Gideon. Unhappy with the Vatican’s apparent happiness to assassinate female monarchs Catherine instead plans a prisoner swap with Elizabeth. Dudley helps persuade Elizabeth to accept the swap explaining that it was Gideon who uncovered the assassination plot and also just to twist the knife a bit that by accepting the prisoner swap it would cause a painful separation for Mary and Gideon.

In other news Claude and Leith continue to be cute. Leith comes to the aid of Greer whose family is being blackmailed. After some CSI Claude and Leith they uncover that Greer’s sister and brother in law are in fact not being blackmailed but we’re using the money to buy a new home. Greer is now left with little option to raise her baby alone.

Meanwhile Bash continues his private investigator career as he follows up on the Red Knights. In total Bash style his stop is a brothel where he learns of his first potential individual out for revenge. One of the Knights broke their vow of celibacy but when the woman learnt he had been killed for devil worship she abandoned the child in the woods. Bash somehow tracks down the abandoned child who by now is a full grown man. The man is not involved with the Red Knights however he was recently approached to avenge his father’s death. Before Bash can ask more questions the man is killed by a Red Knight who is apparently not too keen on him talking to Bash.

By now we all know don’t talk to Bash when he’s in Poirot mode as it often means there is a killer nearby.

After killing a seemingly innocent man Bash captures the killer and returns him to Catherine who insanely decides to have Christophe torture the man. I’m not sure how putting the blood thirsty man in charge of torture could go wrong…

The man is unwilling to talk however he gives Catherine a chilling message before throwing himself on Christophe’s knife. The Red Knights wish to destroy Catherine and the entire Valois line.

Catherine is upset because not only is the man dead and now useless but because Christophe has taken way too much pleasure from the job.


Written by Lisa

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