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Reign Recapped: 3.15 Safe Passage

Written by: Drew Lindo

Directed by: Stuart Gillard

Catherine has found herself in yet another sticky situation courtesy of the ever pesky Red Knights who are set on the all out destruction if Catherine and the entire Valois line.

There is the problem of the room full of dead generals to deal with. Innocent or not Catherine and the French court will certainly look guilty in the eyes of the soldiers. As the Red Knights planned to the outsiders it looks like history had repeated itself.

Catherine enlists Narcisse and Bash to quieten the few witnesses to the dinner party and then they promptly bury the bodies. The plan, to simply pretend the generals never showed up is thin at best.

Ignoring the matter is not on the Red Knights agenda however and the next day local soldiers are alerted to the heads of their leaders high above the castle on pikes. Word will spread like wildfire fire and Catherine knows the army will be out for her blood.

Over in the English court Elizabeth agrees to have her naval forces in the North Sea sidelined for a short period to allow for essential repairs. Lucky for Mary this information is overheard by Lola who sensing an opportunity immediately sends a coded letter for Mary addressed to her husband in France.

On receiving this news Mary understands the golden opportunity she has. If she sets off for Scotland immediately she can avoid potential clashes with the English forces.

Mary is torn between leaving for Scotland and staying to support Catherine in her time if need. Whilst Catherine states Mary must follow her destiny in Scotland, Narcisse is less than impressed Mary is considering leaving Catherine in the lurch.

Poor Mary can’t catch a break!

Despite her desire to have a familiar face in Bash, Mary insists he must remain in France to oversee Charles and the other children. Before Mary sets off Bash hands over a gift left to Mary from late Francis, a gift Francis set aside for Mary should she set sail to return to Scotland. Understandably taken aback by this Mary has the gift loaded with her possessions for her to view at a later date.

A familiar face returns to court this week. Delphine has been summoned by King Charles as the court’s official seerer.  Things do not go well for Delphine when she senses the serial killer is still in the castle. Clearly unsettled by this news she confides in Bash that she felt him strangling a woman, not to kill her but to merely get some perverted kick. Delphine picks up that he relies on and benefits from his relationship with this woman as she protects him.

Bumping into Christophe in the hallway goes badly for Delphine when face to face with the killer she blurts out ‘it’s you’. Christophe quickly permanently silences herewith knife to the gut.

On the discovery of her body both Bash and Charles are distraught over the loss. Never fear Poirot is on the case. When Bash discovers bruises on Catherine’s neck he puts two and two together and realises that it is in fact Christophe who is the heart killer.

Confronting Christophe with a nasty looking crossbow Bash takes a few painfully shots to Christophe’s body before demanding to know Catherine’s involvement. When he confesses that Catherine knew everything and that he had been blackmailing her in return for his silence Bash makes his first so move, he promptly slits Christophe’s throat.

Confronting Catherine Bash demands to know whether Catherine was involved in the disappearance of his mother. Catherine coldly states that Dianne killed her babies Bash demands to know the location of her body so he can at least bury her. He flies into a rage when Catherine merely replies that his mother is in the sea. Strangling the regent further Bash promptly resigns and makes his way to Mary’s side.

Finally Catherine is backed into a corner. The soldiers don’t want the money owed, they want justice and they are out for Catherine’s blood. They demand she is handed over or the castle will burn to the ground.

Preparing to leave France for what is likely the final time Mary reads the letter left to her. In it Francis declares his undying love for her and states he had a sword made for her so she can reclaim what is rightfully hers, Scotland. Pulling on her heart strings Mary is reminded of her final promise to Francis, to protect his mother Catherine.

Just as the angry soldiers are ready to storm the castle the mercenaries led by Mary ride over the horizon. Boldly calling the soldiers to drop their weapons, Mary declares Catherine innocent of murder of the generals and rallies the troops to stand united against the Red Knights who plan to throw France into disarray. If not for Catherine, for the good of France. Angry mob disarmed Mary rides into the background. She has a country to reclaim.

Mary along with Bash and Narcisse who had decided to return to England to rescue Lola they board the ship but it soon encounters rough seas. There is a storm brewing. For two queens, two countries and all those trapped in between.



Written by Lisa

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