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Reign Recapped: 3.17 Intruders

Written by: April Blair

Directed by: Lee Rose

Last week I wrote Clan MacPhie trusting the subtitles and deciding to use the more historically correct clan name. However whilst the US and Canada enjoyed watching Clans last night I glimpsed the live tweeting and saw that Laurie McCarthy wrote it Clan McPhee.

Since Reign loves to mistake palaces for castles I have decided in my Britishness to instead refer to the men in kilts as Clan McClan

So Mary and Bash are in a bit of trouble. The men ‘aiding’ them are in fact the same faction who wish Mary dead. Revealing her identity would lead to a quick end for both Mary and Bash. Mary needs to get to Edinburgh to reclaim her throne from her acting regent James however coming face to face with those who led to Francis’s death has instead led to Mary plotting revenge.

Clan McClan killed her love and now Mary plans to kill their leader. Only he isn’t there so Mary and Bash must find a way to get their travelling companions\captors to deliver them to the head man.

How best to anyone’s attention? Money of course. Bash let’s the men into a secret plan to ransom his ‘sister’ to her betrothed, Bash and Clan McClan would then split the gold. The potential gold on offer is tempting but requires the authorisation of higher ups. The plan to get face to face with those she desires revenge upon is moving smoothly.

Bash is fearful of leading Mary into the lion’s den. Surrounding herself with so many people who wish her dead could end with tragic consequences. Mary is adamant, before she reclaims her Scottish throne she must first finish her French business.

Meanwhile a badly injured French mercenary (Nathaniel Bacon) tries to send word to Mary’s regent James (Dan Jeannotte), the Queen of Scots was shipwrecked near Fife however she survived and is on route to Edinburgh. Their queen requires immediate back up.

A gold coin found on the mercenary is from the Pope,  confirming his information to be true. However the man he talks to us not a loyal servant of the regent James but a rather unimpressed John Knox(Jonathan Goad).

Passing this information on John Knox leaves out the request for aid but instead informs James that his half sister Mary is deceased. Knox is not keen on the other catholic with a claim to the Scottish throne either, Lord Darnley. No Knox plans to use his misinformation to dismantle the Scottish monarchy completely.

Arriving at the clan settlement Mary comes face to face with their leader Munro(John Barrowman). He offers the pair his protection on the remainder of their journey on the condition that ‘Pauline’ share a dance with him.

As it turns out Munro is suspicious of Bash and has sent a  letter to Mary’s ‘fiancee’. Unless he gets a satisfactory reply both Mary and Bash’s lives are on the line.

Bash is keen for them to leave as soon as possible however Mary is all too aware this may be her only chance to seek revenge for Francis’s death.No they will strike that night.

John Knox informs James that Elizabeth is preparing to invade Scotland. She too must have heard of Mary’s demise and her involvement on Scottish soil means bad news for them both.

They must dissolve the Scottish throne with no delay.

Monroy invites Mary back to his chambers alone to show her some ‘jewellery’. Whilst there he shows Mary a sword with a Latin inscription. Indeed it is Mary’s sword and Munro has figured out Mary’s true identity.  He sent assassins to kill Mary in revenge for his family losing their lands and privilege under the regency of Mary’s mother Marie De Guise. Feuds like this carry on between generations, the true origin often lost between half truths and historical retellings.

Munro meets a bloody end where Mary spikes him in the neck and stabs him with her stolen sword. It was Francis’s death that led to Mary reclaiming her Scottish heritage and the man responsible has paid the ultimate price.

Outside Bash kills Duncun before setting fire to the building. With men and women fleeing the flames no one pays too much attention to Mary now covered in blood. Quickly Mary and Bash make an exit on horseback.

John Knox and James put forward the motion to dissolve the Scottish monarchy to the privy council. Whilst this vote is underway Mary arrives at Edinburgh Castle(yes Reign an actual castle) and declares herself Mary ,Queen of Scots. Once more in Scotland and ready to rule her rightful throne.

If you’re keeping up with the Scottish stereotype drinking game this week we add have a drink (of tea if you’d prefer) every time they use a bagpipe to establish the scene is in Scotland.


At English court Lola is taking the ‘death’ of Mary hard. She misses her friend deeply. Elizabeth provides Lola with comforting words,she was loyal to her queen at all times and can take solace knowing she never wronged Mary (apart from the time she slept with Francis and had his bastard but let’s overlook that one)

Seriously though LolaBeth 2016 anyone?


Lola politely declines Elizabeth’s desire for Lola to convert to Protestantism, accepting her decision Elizabeth instead arranges for Lola to take private mass.

Elizabeth turns to Lola for advice regarding Scotland. With Mary assumed dead there is a power vacuum on the Scottish throne and John Knox is a threat to both Scotland and Elizabeth’s English throne. He Knox gains power in Scotland he will surely try and follow suit in England.

Lord Darnley too is a threat as he too holds a claim to the English throne.

Option C involves no men but Elizabeth is wise enough to understand it too threatens her. Claiming the Scottish throne for herself is not without its pitfalls.

What Elizabeth needs is Scottish support. Elizabeth requires the support of powerful Scottish families, families just like Lola’s. Lola asks Elizabeth if she will pledge not to persecute Catholics for their religious differences. Being moderate in her religious beliefs, Elizabeth agrees and Lola gives the English queen her support to gain the Scottish throne.

Interesting fact here, Elizabeth was tolerant to individuals religious choices for the majority of her reign so long as they were loyal to her and discreet in their practice. She ruled by the motto ‘video et taceo’, I see but say nothing.

Narcisse enters the English court under the guise of being the Catholic priest arranged for Lola. Surprised to see her husband in England Lola is taken aback . Narcisse confesses his love for Lola however Lola is not keen to return to France. When Narcisse suggests they go to Scotland, Lola is shocked to learn that Mary survived the shipwreck.

Her happiness at Mary’s survival quickly turns to turmoil. Believing Mary dead, Elizabeth has begun to put into action a plan to unify the thrones of England and Scotland. The fallout could be debating for both Queens and Lola.

Lola is desperate not to betray her new friend however both she and Narcisse fear the backlash if the news is broken by Lola. Instead the news must be more subtly leaked to the English queen.

Instead they arrange for John’s nurse Renee, luckily a Catholic spy placed at English court to relay the news of Mary’s survival via an anonymous letter.

On receipt on the news if Mary’s survival Elizabeth is keen to not look weak on front of either John Knox or the Scottish Lords agreeing to back her. Instead of ordering an immediate u turn she instead has word sent to her spies in Scotland for further news.


With Elizabeth stalling, Narcisse tries to persuade Lola to leave with him immediately. More widely Lola agrees to wait until Elizabeth has left the palace to travel in a few days time to make a quiet exit with her son John.

Despite how many times Reign misuses the word castle, White Hall, Hampton Court, Greenwich and Eltham, all of Elizabeth’s main residences are in fact palaces.

Lola receives a new letter from ‘Mary’. Written in code and including papal gold for her to bribe her way out of England it instructs  Lola to kill Elizabeth.

Hmm I suspect John Knox for this fakery. He has papal gold and a hatred of queens. Mary is aware Narcisse plans to rescue Lola so why the gold?

In France young King Charles is learning a harsh life lesson.He may not agree with his mother, she is a grand schemer but her life and that of her family comes first. If Catherine de Medici tells you to stay safely inside the castle, stay inside the castle.

Captured by the Red Knights Charles fate looks bleak. Witnessing the death of a tax collector, young Charles is experiencing a crash course in the consequences of a naïve ruler trying to lead alone.

With Charles missing, Catherine turns to the nobles for their aid in locating the young King. The idea of losing another son is a fate Catherine can not bare to think.

Arriving at court is Martel De Guise (Lewis Kirk), he is quick to point out to Catherine that the nobles are not fighters, when conflict arises they run and hide. In the eyes of the nobles as there are more male heirs in the line of succession they will not risk themselves to save Charles.

What is needed is resources, men and gold. Along which the De Guise family has, Catherine is naturally wary. One does not offer their support out of the goodness of their heart. With the history between the De Guise and the Valois, Catherine is aware their aid will come at a price.

Catherine has turned her anger towards Leith. Unable to bare Leith taking the sole blame for Charles’ current predicament Claude informs her mother she is to blame.

She confesses she involved herself to gain Charles favour. In return for her assistance Leith would gain a Dukedom and they would be free to marry.

Catherine is dismayed at Claude’s naivety however she has bigger fish to fry. Whilst Leith is in hot water his loyalty saves his head. She orders Claude away from  Martel De Guise whilst warning her to trust no one.

As it turns out Claude is less than pleased to see De Guise. The pair have history together, on a previous occasion he hid his true identity from her and the pair enjoyed some bedroom gymnastics before the truth was revealed.

He claims to not be a Red Knight but instead at court to find the true identity of his father’s murderer.

More bad news for Catherine, Martel’s father is amongst Catherine’s body count.

For Catherine however she had more pressing issues, she has received a ransom note for the Red Knights.

They seek an eye for an eye. Catherine must die for her sins and Charles will be freed.

The Queen Regent is no fool, she is all too aware her death will not save her son. The Red Knights wish for the destruction of the Valois line, Catherine’s death is not enough.

Sensing the danger they are all in, Catherine arranges with Claude for her to take her siblings and seek refuge on Spain should both she and Charles not return safely.

When it becomes clear that the Red Knights will kill Charles as well as Catherine they do not hesitate to kill anyone who stands on their way. Shocked by his father’s death the very person who betrayed Charles then helps him escape.

Suspecting the trap Catherine had Leith and his men disguise themselves as Red Knights and they kill several of the genuine Red Knights whilst protecting Catherine from harm.

Things are about to get heated for both Mary and Elizabeth as they fight to secure their own thrones and face off any threats. One things for certain John Knox is sure to stir up trouble for them both.

The season finale 3.18 Spiders in a Jar airs in the UK on Netflix on June 14th..


Written by Lisa

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