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Reign Recapped: 4.06 Love and Death

Written by: Drew Lindo and Wendy Riss

Directed​ by: Megan Follows

Reign opening with the Lumineers’ Scotland was a pleasant surprise. The song just has a eerie happiness to it.

Whilst Darnley and Mary continue to bond Elizabeth had her guards ride to Scotland and request that Darnley return to England.

Darnley ignores the request, knowing for now he is safe in Scotland. When the guards return to England empty-handed they are given clear instructions, return with Darnley, prevent his marriage to Mary or suffer the consequences.

When word reaches Scotland that English guards are en route Mary must make the difficult decision, give up Darnley or risk going to war with England.

When Mary and James suggest that Darnley temporarily remove himself to a safe house it doesn’t go well. Darnley’s ego is fragile and he can not see it the situation is beyond him and Mary, the fate of Scotland hangs in the balance.

Ordered​ to retreat to safety Darnley leaves Mary to celebrate their engagement alone. When the English guards arrive they find Darnley nowhere in sight.

With Darnley vulnerable in a safe house an assassin attacks, England will seemingly go to any means to prevent the marriage.

Mary is left distraught, the situation reminds her of Francis and his tragic end. The risk of death and war will be ever present in they continue the road they are on.

In the dark of night Darnley is unexpectedly reunited with Keira.  What impact will this have on Darnley’s plans to marry Mary?

In France our favourite Queen of Spain had returned, with Leesa back at court everyone is on their best behaviour. Leesa’s presence at court is like having Ofsted in your school, the red carpet is out is everyone is pretending they aren’t hiding skeletons in the closet.

Charles is still missing, a fact thinly concealed from a prying Leesa. When Leesa learns the truth she is adamant that Spain should take charge.

Claude, Luc and Leith continue their arrangement despite Catherine’s warning that the situation can poison one’s heart.

When Luc is injured it is Leith that comes to his aid, returning to court Leith sets out to leave , watching Claude with another is too much to take.

Leith has the worse luck in France, France still doesn’t have a working King and now Spain wants to get it’s grubby paws involved.

Poor Gideon  watches helpless as his daughter’s health declines. Elizabeth delivers on her promise to aid where she can, a prominent physician Viktor Koslov (Jason Cadieux) arrives at court and gives Agatha expensive and rare medicine which breaks her fever.

Noticing a burn on Koslov’s hand Elizabeth becomes suspicious, rightly so. The physician has been during flowers and taking medicines. Poor Agatha is comfortable for now but there is no cure.

Elizabeth has Koslov dragged the Tower(other prisons are available) and has to break the news to Gideon.



Written by Lisa

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