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Reign Recapped: 4.08  Uncharted​ Waters

Written by: Erika Lippoldt and Bo Yeon Kim

Directed by: Fred Gerber

In Scotland Mary and Darnley prepare for their marriage, a loveless union  how far will Mary go for Scotland? What risks is she willing to take to move closer to England’s throne?

A royal wedding is a great opportunity for the movers and shakers across Europe to come together to trade, plan and take advantage of each other’s status and power.

Darnley puts his foot in it when he is overheard criticising Francis in front of the Da Medici family. Alienating your allies is a fool’s move.

Upset herself at Darnley’s careless words, Mary must try to make amends.  A nice piece of land and a title should sweeten the offended party.

Setting off to speak to the current owner of the land, Mary appears to have swapped her role as Queen for estate agent.

Running into an ever rogue looking Bothwell he tricks Mary into thinking he has recently won the land she seeks and they set off on a stroll together.

Alone with Mary, Bothwell takes the opportunity to warn her that Darnley is a bad match. He lies, he is arrogant and he isn’t worth her attention. Bothwell spilling tea and thinking what a lot of fans are saying.

A sudden flash flood soaks them both and taking shelter in the woods they strip off. We have had a lot of topless men lately so this was a nice treat for all the women loving women.

In the middle of woods in just before underwear, Mary finally clicks that Bothwell has lied. He doesn’t own the land she seeks and has wasted her time. At last Bothwell confesses, he promised her mother Marie De Guise that he would look out for her and he has. Bothwell is the mysterious note writer, her loyal watchman.

Later they run into a disheveled looking man, he reveals a message before falling unconscious.

Mary can marry for love but remain childless or she can marry without love and bare an heir, a son who will be King of both Scotland and England.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a Bash oriented prophecy I’m not sure what does?

As it turns out the man, David Rizzio( Andrew Shaver) is a merchant who fell on bad times, he was taken in by druids and was instructed to get the message to Mary.

Back at court and now fully dressed Mary wonders where her husband is and is informed by an annoyed James that Darnley’s lover Keira has yet to leave town. Jumping to conclusions Mary demands James get rid of Keira, throwing her on the streets if need be.

Arriving at the inn James tries to remove Keira but she falls in front of a horse, poor Keira is fatally ill. Upset and angry at the turn of events, Darnley reveals he had gone to get Mary a wedding present.

Now he blames Mary for Keira’s death, how will he move forward and marry a woman he hates so much?

Mary is now more determined than ever, she may never live Darnley but it is what she must do, for Scotland and for the English throne.

How will she cope though,marrying a man she can barely stand and who despises her?

Left crying in a corner, Mary is comforted by Catherine, who had just arrived to represent both France and Spain at the upcoming wedding. With her ex daughter in law in her arms, the women contemplate what to do with Darnley.

Darnley might want to sleep with one eye open.

In France, Charles has made a seemingly amazing recovery. The miracles of a little sun.

The young King seems to have shelved his unstable emo look and is busy bedding Nicole.

Catherine and Narcisse plan on how to manipulate Nicole to gain Charles ear.

His recent conversion to Protestantism has caused more grief, for now Prince Henri is busy at war with the Turks but it is only a matter of time before he returns.

Nicole however is little help, Charles found the faith of his own will. Indeed it is a way for Charles to try and free himself of the pressures he faces.

Aware that those around him are Catholic, Charles Knights two influential Catholics and seems advice from a Catholic priest.

He may not wish to convert back to Catholicism but Charles is willing to try and keep the peace.

Luc seeks the advice of Charles, not to gain his favour but to learn more about Claude. He really does seem to be one of the nice ones, taking Charles advice he plans an evening with Claude beneath the stars.

If Claude doesn’t want him , she can send him my way!

For Charles though, being back at court is taking a toll, the colour is draining from his face and it would appear the young King is mentally unravelling.

Across the sea in England the Spanish are angry and demanding the arrest of John Hawkins( Max Lloyd-Jones) a privateer who has recently taken off with some Spanish gold.

At court the dashing Hawkins brings the Queen new finds including a tomato ( beginning the long held debate of fruit vs vegetable) and ‘an angry looking chicken’, a turkey to you and me.

Trying to placate the Spanish, Elizabeth commands Hawkins to return the stolen gold and stay out of trouble. Disappointed Hawkins goads Elizabeth calling her boring and making it clear, Europe is not the world, indeed the world is so much bigger. Surprising the explorer an adventurous Elizabeth pulls out some distilled wormwood( that’s absinthe), whilst historically too early seeing Elizabeth smiling and relaxed is worth overlooking for.

The Spanish make their displeasure known when Elizabeth let’s Hawkins leave, belittling the Queen and England’s status they demand Hawkins arrest or England risks Spanish offence.

Displeased Elizabeth has Hawkins arrested and brought to her, a display that will please the angry Spanish.

What may not please them is Elizabeth freeing the arrested man and presented him with a naval charter. Elizabeth may be surrounded by Catholic enemies but Hawkins is right, Europe is a small part of the world. With Hawkins help Elizabeth aims to put England on the world map and sends him to explore the New World.

Finally to clear up any confusion,  Sir John Hawkins would go on to lead the English naval fleet and was an important figure in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. His cousin, Sir Francis Drake named the US state Virginia after Elizabeth.

Max is listed as playing Sir Francis Drake on several sources, whether they swapped actors is yet unknown but a cheeky tweet to the writers suggests Mr Drake, Hawkins cousin will show up soon.



Written by Lisa

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